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What constitutes an aluminum alloy wheel?


Wheel hub
1. Wheel rim: fit with the tire assembly to support the wheel part of the tire.
2. Spoke: Install and connect with the axle hub to support the wheel part of the rim.
3. Offset: the distance between the center surface of the rim and the installation surface of the spokes. There are positive offset, zero offset, and negative offset. 

4. Rim: keep and support the rim part in the direction of the tire.
5. Bead seat: It is in contact with the tire bead and supports the rim part that maintains the tire radial direction.
6. Groove bottom: To facilitate tire assembly and disassembly, a certain depth and width of pits are left on the rim.
7. Valve hole: the hole to install the tire valve.
6 Picking elements to pick
There are three factors to consider when choosing a wheel.
Don't blindly enlarge the wheels. Some people increase the wheels to improve the performance of the car. Under the condition that the outer diameter of the tire is unchanged, the big wheel must be matched with wide and flat tires.
The swing to the side is smaller, the stability is improved, and when the corner is turned, it is like a dragonfly, and it passes lightly. However, the flatter the tire, the thinner the thickness, the worse the shock absorption performance, and the comfort
Big sacrifices have to be made. In addition, there are slight roadblocks such as stones, and the tires are easily damaged. Therefore, the cost of blindly increasing the wheels cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, according to
It is most suitable to increase the size of the original wheel hub by one or two.
Three distance
This means that when choosing, you can't choose your favorite shape as you like, but also follow the advice of the technician to consider whether these three distances are appropriate.
The complex shape and dense aluminum alloy wheels are indeed very beautiful and appear to have grades, but it is easy to be refused or excessively charged when washing the car, because it is too troublesome to wash. Simple
Instead, the wheels are dynamic and clean. Of course, if you are not afraid of trouble, it's okay. The aluminum alloy wheels that are deeply rooted in people's hearts nowadays are similar to the iron cast wheels in the past
Compared with it, the degree of deformation resistance has been greatly improved, the weight has been greatly reduced, the power loss of the car is small, it runs fast, it is fuel-efficient and has good heat dissipation, and it is loved by the majority of car owners. Want here
As a reminder, in order to cater to the tastes of car owners, many car dealers replace the iron wheels with aluminum alloy wheels in advance before selling the car, but they add one to the price.
pen. Therefore, from an economical point of view, do not care too much about the material of the wheels when buying a car. Anyway, you can change it according to your own style, and you can save one on the price.
Pen, why not do it?

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