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Why do car wheels crack? How can we avoid the wheel hub from breaking?


If the car is used for a long time, there will be more or less scratches, aging, cracks, etc., so what is the reason for the break of the hub? How to prevent the hub from breaking? Once the hub is broken, can it be repaired? How to repair What?

Reasons for cracking of aluminum alloy wheels

When the vehicle is moving forward, it presses on a hard and sharp object whose height is greater than the distance from the outer edge of the wheel to the ground and is located on the outer edge of the tire. When the tire presses on this object, the sharp corner of this object just hits the outer edge of the tire, puncturing the fragile outer edge of the tire (this can explain the radial break on the tire), and the tire will lose its air instantly. Cushioning ability, the hard object hits the hub directly, causing the hub to break near the edge of the valve (this can explain the defect in the edge of the hub). Then, the entire wheel hub was broken off. Or when the wheel hub encounters a large pit, it passes quickly and exceeds the bearing range of the wheel hub, which will cause breakage. Aluminum alloy is a little less capricious than iron wheels, but its heat dissipation and weight are better than iron wheels.


How to avoid the hub from breaking

First, check more: before driving, we spend a minute looking at the places that the car can see to see if there are any abnormalities, or check regularly. If your car often drives at high speed, this is even more important. Improve inspection.

Second, Energizer chooses to drive on a smooth road. On uneven roads, the speed must not be fast. Drive slowly. When encountering roadblocks, you must drive slowly. This is the main reason for the damage of the hub in ordinary times. After the hub is damaged, it is generally invisible to the naked eye, and it slowly forms a safety hazard.

Repair method of wheel fracture

If the aluminum alloy wheel is broken, and you go to some unprofessional place to repair it in order to save costs, then you are very wrong, and the repaired wheel is not guaranteed. In fact, many places are repaired by the original factory process, airtight testing, polishing, paint and other procedures can be repaired. If you are worried about safety issues, the wheel hub is also combined with aluminum alloy solution during the casting process. The same, welding is also used The same aluminum alloy material is welded inside and outside, so there is no need to worry about quality problems.

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