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What size tires do 18-inch wheels have?


   18 inch wheels can be replaced with different tires, depending on the width of the wheels in inches, the normal tire width of 18-inch wheels is 7.5 inches, the most suitable to use 225 mm wide tires, the largest 235 mm wide tires can be used. If it is bigger, the 18-inch wheels can reach 9 inches in width, which is suitable for the use of 255 mm wide tires, with a maximum of 265 mm, which will have greater benefits for the vehicle's middle and rear acceleration and braking performance. There are wider wheels and tires that are not suitable for civilian vehicles.


Some people may ask, aren’t wheels and tires as wide as possible? In fact, it is not. Wider tires and strong rolling resistance require the vehicle to have enough horsepower to drive normally. The daily starting acceleration will be slower and the fuel economy will be greatly reduced. The original car's frame and suspension strength It may not be able to adapt to such a strong grip, which may cause damage. You must be cautious when replacing wide wheels.


Here is a little knowledge:

Too strong grip has an impact on daily use. Is there any way to safely improve performance? If you are not short of money, you can replace the wheels. The well-known lightweight wheels are manufactured by forging technology. In fact, there is also a wheel manufactured by cliff technology. Although the weight is slightly inferior, compared with the original wheel, under the same size, It can reduce at least more than 7 kilograms. The lighter yellowing mass can increase the starting speed of the car, and it is lighter in daily use. It has higher toughness and is not easy to damage compared to the original wheel.

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