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Changed 18 inch wheels to 20 inch wheels in China, speeding?


    In China, with more and more restrictions on traffic rules everywhere, many riders also complain about driving more and more difficult. Although these rules do reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents to a certain extent, there are also times when we will receive For inexplicable deductions and fines, I have no idea about the situation.

Especially for speeding. In many cases, I think I am not speeding and there is no display on the dashboard, but why do I still receive a violation reminder?

The editor wants a piece of science knowledge: in most cases, the speed displayed on the dashboard is not equal to the actual vehicle speed. In other words, if the dashboard displays 120km/h, the actual vehicle speed may be between 115-119km/h.

Is this phenomenon related to the design accuracy of the company? In fact, according to national regulations, the vehicle speed displayed on the dashboard can have an error of -10% to +10%, which does not accurately reflect the actual speed of the vehicle. Therefore, it is normal for errors.


The main reason is that the vehicle speed on the dashboard is simulated, and the speed is calculated by the formula of the wheel speed sensor. So this has a lot to do with the diameter of the tire. If you convert an 18 inch wheel to a 20-inch wheel, your real speed will be much higher than the speed displayed on the dashboard, so the risk factor will increase.

In other words, in this case, you can easily get a speeding ticket inexplicably without knowing it. The reason for this design can be regarded as a warning and for driving safety considerations.

Some riders like to speed up a few times occasionally. When they see the camera in the speed limit zone, they will brake and slow down immediately. If this is the case, it depends on what speed limit section you are driving. If it is a section speed measurement section, then obviously This slowing down is useless. If it is a direct speed measurement, the general speed measurement starts at a distance of about 100-300 meters from the camera. If you do not slow down beyond this distance, you will still be considered as overspeed.

Moreover, if you decelerate suddenly to 120km/h, which means you were speeding before and suddenly slow down when you reach the speed radar, you will see that the speed on the dashboard has dropped, but it is very likely that the actual vehicle speed will still exceed 120km. /h, so you are still speeding.

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