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What is the difference between water-plated and vacuum-plated wheels?


    Today, the editor will introduce two methods of aluminum alloy wheel plating:

Water electroplating is widely used because of its simple process and less stringent requirements from equipment to environment than vacuum ion plating.
1. Brief introduction of hydrolytic plating and vacuum plating: 1. Water plating: Generally applicable to ABS materials and ABS+PC materials. The main process is to put the products to be electroplated into a chemical plating solution for electroplating. According to the different needs of customers, it can be plated in different colors, such as high-gloss silver, sub-silver, gray silver, gun color, gold, black chrome, and semi-gloss chrome. Because the electrical conductivity of the electroplated product is significantly enhanced, there are two methods for certain parts that require insulation:
First, apply insulating oil to the part that needs to be insulated, and this part will not be electroplated during electroplating, so as to achieve the insulation effect! Of course, the part coated with insulating oil will turn black, so it is not suitable for appearance.
Secondly, use special adhesive tape to protect the parts that need to be electroplated, and achieve the same insulation effect.
2. Vacuum ion plating. Vacuum plating mainly includes vacuum evaporation, sputtering and ion plating. They are all used to deposit various metals and non-metals on the surface of plastic parts by distillation or sputtering under vacuum conditions. Metal thin film, in this way, a very thin surface coating can be obtained, and at the same time it has the outstanding advantages of fast speed and good adhesion, but the price is also higher, and there are fewer types of metals that can be operated. It is generally used for higher-end products.性plating. Also known as vacuum coating: generally applicable to a wide range, such as ABS material, ABS+PC material, PC material products. At the same time, its unit price is more expensive than water electroplating due to its complex process flow, high environmental and equipment requirements. Here is a brief introduction to its process flow: product surface cleaning, anti-static --> spray primer --> baking primer --> vacuum coating --> spray top paint --> baking top paint --> packaging .

Vacuum electroplating can be divided into general vacuum electroplating, UV vacuum electroplating, and special vacuum electroplating; the processes include evaporation, sputtering, gun color, etc.

 Second, the difference between the two processes: water electroplating is widely used because of its simpler process and less stringent requirements from equipment to environment than vacuum ion plating. Water electroplating has a weakness, only ABS material and ABS+PC material can be plated (the effect of this material is not very ideal). The temperature resistance of ABS material is only 80℃, which limits its application range. The vacuum plating can reach about 200°C, which can be used for high-temperature parts. PC material is used for the tuyere and tuyere ring, and these parts are required to withstand high temperatures of 130°C. In addition, the parts that generally require high temperature resistance must be sprayed with a layer of UV oil at the end of vacuum plating, so that the surface of the product is shiny, high temperature resistant, and at the same time ensuring adhesion.

Three, the advantages and disadvantages of the two processes:

1. Simply put, if vacuum electroplating is not UV oil, its adhesion is very poor, and it can't exceed 100 grid test, and water electroplating is obviously better than vacuum electroplating. because
Therefore, in order to ensure the adhesion of vacuum electroplating, special spraying treatment is required afterwards, and the cost is of course higher.

2. The color of water plating is simpler
Tones, generally only sub-silver, gray silver, gun color, gold, black chrome, semi-gloss chrome and other seven colors are powerless. and,
Vacuum plating can solve the seven-color problem.

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