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What is the gravity sand casting of aluminum alloy wheel hub and the analysis and discussion of its pore defects


In sand casting, the first question to ask is: What is sand casting? Or: What is sand casting? This is also relatively basic. Although it may have been explained before, you may have forgotten it a little, so the following editor will revisit it. After the principle of gravity casting of aluminum alloy, the editor will focus on the content of pore defects in aluminum alloy sand casting, hoping to let everyone know more about sand casting and more knowledge.

What is sand casting? In simple terms, it is a casting method that uses molding sand to make molds and use them to produce castings. However, the molds used in sand casting generally can only be used once, so we must pay attention to this point.
In aluminum alloy sand casting, the castings formed by them often have the defect of pores. Once this defect occurs, stress concentration will occur, thereby reducing the strength and plasticity of the casting, and eventually causing the casting to break. Therefore, we should pay enough attention to it.
Generally speaking, the main causes of pore defects in aluminum alloy sand casting are as follows:
Reason 1: During the smelting process, the alloy liquid itself dissolves gas.
Reason 2: There is air in the casting cavity during the pouring process.
Reason three: The mold and cold iron produce gas during pouring.
Reason 4: Improper setting of the pouring system.
For the above reasons, the recruitment measures we can take in Beijing's aluminum alloy gravity casting are:
(1) The sand mold should have proper vent holes and the location should be proper.
(2) The compactness should not be too high for wet sand modeling.
(3) The sand core should be provided with vent holes.
(4) The sand core or even the entire mold must be baked.

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