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18 inch wheels and 19 inch wheels effect comparison


Many people are consulting about various issues about cars. One fan asked: the effect of 18 inch wheels and 19 inch wheels. If you also want to know, you might as well read the introduction of the editor. Everyone brings some help.

The 19 inch wheels are larger than the 18-inch wheels, and the visual effect is better when installed on the car. In addition, the flatness ratio of the 19-inch tires is smaller. The effect of using large rims is that the sidewalls look thinner from the side. Such wheels are also very beautiful when installed on the car.

When buying a car, many riders basically like to choose a configuration with large rims, which can make the car look better.
The flat tires used in the big rims are quite small. After the tires are installed on the rims, the sidewall of the whole wheel is thinner when viewed from the side. This kind of wheel looks better and has better handling, but the tires are noisy. It is quite large and the comfort is not necessarily good.

If you use a small rim, you need to use a flat and fairly large tire. After the tire is installed on the rim, the entire wheel looks thicker from the side. This will not have a good visual effect and will make the whole car look. It doesn't look very good. However, tires with thicker sidewalls provide better comfort.

The aspect ratio is basically written on the side of the tire, such as 205/55r16, which means that the tire width is 205 mm and the aspect ratio is 55. r stands for radial tires, and 16 means it can be installed on a 16-inch rim.
The aspect ratio of 55 means that the sidewall height is 55% of the tire section width. The larger the aspect ratio number, the thicker the tire looks from the side. The smaller the aspect ratio number, the thinner the tire looks from the side.

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