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Advantages of aluminum alloy spinning wheel technology


There are many materials used to manufacture spinning hubs, such as aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, etc. Generally speaking, aluminum alloy wheels are used more often. Compared with other material wheels, aluminum alloy spinning wheels have the following advantages:
1. Aluminum alloy spinning wheels are lighter than iron wheels. After the weight of the wheels is reduced, the car feels smoother and safer when turning or bumping. In addition, the weight of the hub is reduced, which reduces the dynamic load of the car, can save the fuel consumption of the vehicle, and is important for protecting the environment and saving costs.

2. Good maneuverability of acceleration, shifting and braking. After the weight of the hub is reduced, the weight of the car's rotating load is reduced. The hub is easier to respond directly and quickly to power changes. It is quick to execute and easy to operate when accelerating, shifting or braking. Because of this, most of the models with high handling requirements such as racing cars and super sports cars use aluminum alloy spinning wheels.

3. It can improve the turning performance of the vehicle. Wheel modification is gradually spread to the global wheel aftermarket as a fashion trend. Among them, the spinning wheel is one of the best-selling modified wheel hubs and has become the selling point of most dealers. Most car owners will increase the diameter of the wheel hub during wheel modification. Increasing the diameter of the hub will reduce the height-to-width ratio of the tire, making it easier to handle the car when turning. Because of the tire deformation caused by cornering, the car body is tilted, etc. are also greatly reduced.

4. The dimensional accuracy of the hub is high and the balance is good. After the processing of the CNC wheel spinning machine, the size and shape of the aluminum alloy spinning wheel are very accurate, so the dynamic balance of the wheel is very small, and the vehicle can try higher speeds, which will Conducive to the construction of highways in the future. Perhaps the speed limit of the highway can be increased so that life can be established at a higher speed.

5. The thermal conductivity of the aluminum alloy material that increases the heat dissipation of the brake is very good. When the vehicle is running, the flowing air around the aluminum alloy spinning wheel can take away the heat faster, which is conducive to the brake system to cope with various complex situations and can also reduce The brakes decay.

6. Variety of styles, novel shapes. The aluminum alloy spinning wheels can have three-piece, two-piece and integral types of spinning wheels with three different structures, so the shape can be varied, and the owners can match different styles according to their own preferences. Style. Shangxi CNC Technology can customize individual spoke patterns for customers, and provide customers with individual customized spinning wheels through various processing techniques.

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