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How to identify the quality of powder coating for aluminum alloy wheels


    With the development and growth of powder spray coatings for aluminum alloy wheels, the market demand has increased, and the quality of powder spray coatings for aluminum alloy wheels has begun to vary. So how should we distinguish the quality of powder spray coatings?

1. Appearance recognition method:
1. Feel
Good powder feels smooth, loose and floating like silk. The bad powder feels rough, sinks and feels heavy. Grab a handful of powder in your hand, the smoother the powder will be, and the quality will be better. On the contrary, the powder will feel rough and feel heavy and the quality will be poor. Poor quality powder is not easy to spray, and there are many secondary powder fall and large waste.

2. Volume
The larger the volume, the less filler in the powder spray coating for aluminum alloy wheels, the higher the cost, and the better the powder quality. The smaller the volume, the higher the filler in the powder spray coating, the lower the cost, and the worse the powder quality. With the same weight, the larger one is good powder, and the smaller one is poor powder. Poor powder is not easy to spray, there are many secondary powder falling, large waste, small spraying area, and high use cost.

3. Storage time
Good powder can be stored for a long time, the powder leveling and other effects remain unchanged. Poor powder cannot be stored for a long time. Poor powder will have poor leveling and other effects after 3 months. The shelf life of normal powder is 12 months at room temperature, and the quality of low-end raw materials is unstable and easily deteriorated. Using poor raw materials to produce powder, the sprayed surface will accelerate pulverization and aging after half a year. In addition, poor powders are not easy to store, resulting in large powder waste and high fees.

2. Spraying area identification method: spraying area
The resin content of normal powder should be about 55-65%, the price of resin is about 20 yuan/KG, and the filler is about 2 yuan. Some poor powder factories use less than 45% resin content to shoddy, increase fillers to reduce costs and reduce spraying area.

Contrast method: Two same kinds of powder spray the same product, see which one has more powder spray products, which one has less spray products, and the one with less spray products is poor, and the use cost is high. For the manufacturer, the spraying area is small, and the use cost is high. Calculated based on 6 squares per kilogram of powder sprayed, each less sprayed square is equivalent to an additional 3-6 yuan per kilogram of powder by the manufacturer. It is recommended to use the manufacturer’s genuine powder and carefully calculate the actual cost of use. The theoretical spraying area is 8-10 square, 6-8 square, and the actual spraying area is 4-6 square, 3-5 square. The use cost is 3-6 yuan and 4-8 yuan per square.

3. The job recognition method of spraying personnel: powder loading rate
The powder with good powdering efficiency is easy to spray, and the substrate can be covered by spraying 1-3 guns, with less secondary powder recovery and high efficiency. Poor powder is not easy to powder, spray 3-5 guns to cover the substrate, the secondary recovery of more powder, low efficiency. Operators can determine whether there is too much powder falling by spraying powder rate. At the same time, there are less products and more secondary recycled powder, which increases the burden on operators and is low in efficiency.

Four, baking identification method: whether there is smoke
Good powder does not produce a lot of smoke during the baking process. Poor powder produces a lot of smoke during the baking process.

5. Finished product appearance and gloss identification method after baking: appearance after baking
After baking a good powder, the appearance of the product is fine, full, transparent, and strong, and it can maintain a relative gloss for a long time. After the poor powder is baked, the appearance of the product is dim, dull, foggy, impervious, and poor in three-dimensionality. The gloss is good when it is first baked, but it cannot maintain long-term gloss stability, and it will lose after a period of time. Light, chalking, paint stripping and other phenomena.

6. Adhesion and aging identification method: adhesion and aging
Good powder has strong adhesion, strong toughness, and can keep it from powdering and aging for several years. Poor powders have poor adhesion and are very brittle. They will begin to age and pulverize 3 months to half a year after spraying. Compare and test the adhesion and bending, and observe whether the product is aging or chalking after a few months. Adhesion and aging are poor, the product is easy to age, chalk and rust, and shorten the product life.

Seven, high temperature identification method: high temperature
Adjust the temperature to between 220-230 degrees and keep it for 10-15 minutes. A good powder has better temperature and weather resistance. After high-temperature baking, the color changes less and the gloss changes little. Poor powder, poor temperature and weather resistance, serious discoloration and dull gloss after high-temperature baking. This method is particularly effective for detecting outdoor light-colored powder. The poor powder uses poor resin, titanium dioxide, poor pigments and fillers, and has poor temperature and weather resistance. Low cost, shoddy.

8. Environmental protection identification method: The powder materials tested by SGS environmental protection are all produced by large factories, and environmental protection is guaranteed. Poor materials and recycled powder cannot guarantee long-term environmental protection. Environmental protection SGS testing environmental protection exceeding the standard will cause greater trouble for some export companies.

The way that powder spray coatings for aluminum alloy wheels are often faked (cut corners):

1. The choice of resin and raw materials: epoxy and polyester are accessories of petroleum, and genuine petroleum and accessories are bulk products. The materials are not much different from south to north, from west to east, and the materials are fake. The method is nothing more than shoddy, replacing good materials with black epoxy and black polyester with relatively poor raw materials, which is the same in all walks of life.

2. The ratio of resin and filler: the resin content of the normal powder should be about 55-65%, the resin is about 20 yuan/KG, and the filler is about 2 yuan/KG. The content of poor powder resin is less than 45% to be shoddy, increase the filler 2 yuan/KG to reduce the cost.

3. Addition ratio of recycled powder: recycled powder is divided into ground powder, sweeping powder, powder recovered from the air duct, powder in the recovery box, problem powder and expired powder. Recycled powder is collected by a dedicated person, and the normal market price of recycled powder is 1-3 yuan/KG. The price of powder varies according to the proportion of recycled powder (100% recycled powder, 10%-80% recycled powder). The price of recycled powder on the market is 8 yuan/KG, 12-13 yuan according to the proportion of recycled powder. It varies from 16-17 yuan/KG. Adding recycled powder is currently the main way to fake powder spray coatings.

Analysis of the status quo of powder spray coatings for aluminum alloy wheels:
Powder spray coatings for aluminum alloy wheels are processing consumables. The investment threshold is relatively low and the market competition is fierce. It has also caused chaos in the powder spray coatings market, and the phenomenon of cutting corners is serious. It has caused a relatively large impact on some genuine companies. The powder spray coating is a powdery substance, which is not easy to identify, causing great economic losses to some powder-using companies. Originally, the actual amount of the product was 3 tons. Through the use of materials, it is cheap. The powder dosage is increased to 4-5 tons, which increases the cost of the powder-using companies. Most of the powder-using companies only care about the powder, not the actual cost of use. , Causing greater losses to the enterprise.

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