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Excessive pursuit of the appearance quality of aluminum alloy wheels by automakers will bring safety hazards


      Peter von Siemens, President of Siemens AG, Germany, said in response to a reporter’s question: “Abide by corporate ethics and strive for excellence in manufacturing.
Quality is the inherent duty and obligation of our German companies! "Yes, with this persistent pursuit of the quality of their products, the Germans created
A miracle of more than 2,300 world-famous brands with a population of 80 million. However, after all, the purpose of the enterprise is to make profit. Germans’
"Jing" is built on the basis of "obeying corporate ethics", and in the current environment of lack of morality in mainland China, some products are not functional.
Excessively high quality standards will have many side effects. For example, excessive requirements on the appearance quality of aluminum alloy wheels may bring safety hazards.
 The quality of aluminum alloy wheels is generally divided into two aspects: internal quality and appearance quality. The internal quality refers to the mechanical properties and processing dimensions of the product.
The natural attributes of products such as inch, dynamic balance, air tightness, etc., the internal quality is indistinguishable by the naked eye, and its quality is directly related to the safety and comfort of driving.
Moderate; and the appearance quality refers to whether the wheel surface has bumps, scratches, dust, sagging, orange peel, color difference, and whether the knife lines are consistent.
In order to identify the defects, under normal circumstances, the appearance quality does not affect the safety and comfort of the vehicle, but only does not conform to the aluminum alloy wheel product
Another feature of the appearance quality is that different people's evaluations of the appearance of aluminum alloy wheels will slightly deviate.
 The author has had such experience while working in an aluminum alloy wheel production plant. In the defective product area of ​​the final inspection, some non-professional inspections are often found
From the perspective of the staff, there is no problem with the appearance and quality of the wheels that have been judged as defective products. These products are mainly used by foreign auto companies OEM and overseas A/F.
Many, especially Japanese OEMs and products exported to Japan. The types of products are mostly car shiny (I believe that those who work in aluminum wheel factories
Everyone who has ever had experience similar to mine, especially the employees in production). The main reason for this situation is that some aluminum wheel users
The demand for product appearance quality is almost strict. In recent years, this trend has become more and more intense. Even some third-rate domestic car companies have followed the trend to join in the fun.
Improving the appearance quality standards of aluminum alloy wheels has virtually increased the production costs of suppliers, and at the same time has laid unsafe conditions for end consumers.
 Theoretically, in the production process of aluminum alloy wheels, all unqualified products should be returned to the furnace and remelted, but the increasing cost pressure and chasing
The profit-seeking instinct has prompted all aluminum wheel manufacturers to choose the best possible way to repair products with defects in appearance, as long as
The product size is not too bad, and individual products will even be repaired twice or more than three times before leaving the factory.
 The rework of aluminum wheels is mainly aimed at the finished products with appearance defects on the surface produced after the painting process. The finished products are processed by grinding, shot blasting or turning.
The process of removing the appearance defects of aluminum wheels and then re-painting. This process mainly involves shot blasting, machining and coating after heat treatment.
Installation and other processes. According to the requirements of the production process, aluminum alloy wheels need to be tested for tensile strength, elongation, hardness, etc. after the heat treatment process.
Sampling inspection of mechanical properties, after comprehensively judged as qualified, this batch of products can be transferred to the machining process for further processing. In machining and subsequent processes,
Inspectors only check whether the relevant dimensions of the product are out of tolerance, air tightness, dynamic balance and paint film indicators, and no longer check the mechanical properties of the product.
It means that there is no chance to inspect the mechanical performance of all repaired wheels after repainting, and the repaired products will be taken for granted by the wheel factory.
It was sold out for qualified products with mechanical properties up to standard, but the problem is precisely here.
 As we all know, the pre-treatment and curing of the paint in the aluminum alloy wheel hub coating process are all carried out at a certain temperature, and the process temperature range is roughly
Between 120°C and 200°C, even in the simplest coating process, the cumulative heating time of each wheel in this temperature range will exceed several tenths.
The temperature (140°C~180°C) of the heat treatment aging process usually performed on aluminum alloy wheels is within this range, which means that aluminum alloy wheels
Each painting is equivalent to another short-time artificial aging treatment. Experiments show that A356 alloy extends its aging time after T6 treatment
At the same time, the elongation of the alloy will be reduced, and the plasticity will decrease.
In this case, it will break more easily. Therefore, the more times the aluminum alloy wheel is repaired, the greater the possibility of collision and fracture.
The higher the requirements for the appearance quality of the hub, the higher the repair rate of the product. Therefore, excessively demanding the appearance quality of the aluminum alloy wheel will give driving safety.
Bring hidden dangers!
 Based on this, we hereby solemnly call on automakers and overseas aluminum wheel dealers not to neglect safety for the sake of beauty, and do not treat aluminum
The appearance quality of alloy wheels is too picky, especially some third-rate automakers in China. For the time being, it doesn’t matter what type of car you build.
Second, with the Chinese characteristic road conditions of a layer of soil on a sunny day and muddy feet on a rainy day, is it meaningful for you to follow along? You can guarantee that your consumers
Are there conditions for washing vehicles and wheels? I also hope that the relevant industry associations will have the opportunity to also speak justice for china alloy wheel manufacturer.
In front of them, they are still weak. After all, we all have the opportunity to ride and drive. Who can guarantee that the wheel on your car is not one that has been repaired many times
What about rework wheels?

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