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The bigger the wheel, the stronger the performance? You are still too naive


If you are a standard modified car enthusiast like the editor, I believe that when you buy a new car, you will definitely flash up to replace the original aluminum alloy wheels with cooler and more dazzling modified wheels to enhance the appearance of your car. . Indeed, wheels are like the window of the soul of a car. There is a saying in the world of changing cars: No matter how unsightly the car is, a set of large aluminum alloy wheels will definitely improve the visual effect, but the more sporty wheels will give the car a belt. What are the side effects?

1. Affect braking performance

First of all, if you replace a big wheel with a big difference in diameter and width from the original tire, doing so will greatly increase the unsprung mass. In this case, if you don’t upgrade the braking system, it will make the vehicle unusable. The braking performance is reduced, and the same will also affect the power system of your car, so before rashly upgrading the rims, you must first consider whether your engine power can cope with the increased inertia, whether the output shaft can withstand the increased torque, etc. Wait. Of course, if you only upgrade slightly by 1 inch, the brakes and chassis are usually acceptable without affecting the tire width and wheelbase.


2. Affect control performance

Theoretically speaking, the replacement of large aluminum alloy wheels is usually matched with thin tires. In theory, the car will bring better handling due to the reduced roll when cornering. However, if the size of the rims and tires you change is much larger/wider, it will be an additional burden for the suspension, and this change will also make the chassis's feedback to the road appear more sluggish. The inertia will also change. If you use the wrong size and specifications, the handling performance of your car will even affect the dynamic performance carefully adjusted by the original factory, and it will be more awkward than the original. Therefore, please make sure that its specifications are correct before changing to a big rim, otherwise it will not be worth the loss, unless you are a pure visual modder who doesn't mind the driving performance of the car.

The bigger the wheel, the stronger the performance

3. Affect the ride and driving texture

Without changing the outer diameter of the tire, you must use a high aspect ratio tire to replace a large rim, which also means that the shock absorption performance of your car will be weakened, and the filtering effect of road bumps and fine vibrations It will be reduced, and the more obvious road feel will reduce the ride comfort, and sometimes if you upgrade the rims and the unsprung quality cannot match the original suspension settings, sometimes it will affect the car's shock absorption performance.

Another point is that if the tire width of large rim tires is increased a lot, it will affect the steering of the car. The feel of the steering wheel will become a lot heavier when the steering wheel is swinging. This feeling is especially obvious when driving at low speeds. In addition to effort, it may also affect the accuracy and sensitivity of the steering!

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