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Why are aluminum alloy spinning wheels so popular at the venue?


There are many materials used to make spinning wheels, such as aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber, etc., but aluminum alloy wheels are the most common and most used in our daily life. The same is the wheel, why is the aluminum alloy wheel particularly popular with the people?

       1. The raw materials are cheap and the wheels are affordable

       Compared with magnesium alloy, titanium alloy and carbon fiber, aluminum alloy as a raw material for the production of spinning wheels can not be more economical. And aluminum alloy has good metal ductility, compared with magnesium alloy and titanium alloy, the process complexity is lower. Therefore, the cost of aluminum alloy spinning wheels is also much lower, and the price of the wheels is more affordable.

       2. Good thermal conductivity and fast heat dissipation

       Aluminum alloy material has good thermal conductivity, and the flowing air around the wheel hub can take away heat faster when the vehicle is driving. This is conducive to the brake system to cope with various complex situations, and can also reduce brake attenuation.

Aluminum alloy spinning wheel

       3. Light weight, energy saving and consumption reduction

       The original cars of many vehicles are iron wheels. Although they are durable, the wheels are heavy and it takes a lot of fuel to drive them. Aluminum alloy wheels are much lighter than iron wheels. After replacing the aluminum alloy wheels, the unsprung weight of the car is reduced, and the dynamic load is reduced, which can reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle, which is important for protecting the environment and saving costs.

       4. Good handling performance

       The weight of the car's rotating load is reduced, the hub is easier to respond directly and quickly to power changes, and it is quick to execute and easy to operate when accelerating, shifting or braking. In addition, the car feels smoother when turning and bumping, and the ride is safer. Because of this, most of the models with high handling requirements such as racing cars and super sports cars use aluminum alloy spinning wheels.

Aluminum alloy spinning wheel

       5. Accurate size and good balance

       After the processing of the CNC wheel spinning machine, the size and shape of the aluminum alloy spinning wheel are very accurate, so the dynamic balance of the wheel is very small, and the vehicle can try a higher speed.

       6. Various styles and flexible combinations

       Shangxi aluminum alloy spinning wheels can have three-piece, two-piece and integral three types of spinning wheels with different structures. The spokes and rims of the two-piece and three-piece wheels can be freely combined to change a variety of shapes and styles. , Owners can choose their favorite style according to their own preferences, and the flexibility of modification is strong.

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