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Maintenance and scratch repair of aluminum alloy wheels


Aluminum alloy wheels are like the "shoes" of a car. The perfect shape of the whole car. If paired with a pair of very general "shoes", the overall image will be greatly reduced.
Don't ignore the aluminum alloy wheels. The visual impression of the appearance of the aluminum alloy wheels is the first. It is this seemingly casual place that can reveal the owner's taste properly.
When there are stains on the surface of the aluminum alloy wheel that are difficult to remove, a professional cleaning agent should be used. This kind of cleaning agent can often remove the stains gently and effectively, reducing the impact on the aluminum alloy surface.
hurt. In addition, the aluminum alloy wheel itself has a metal protective film, so pay special attention not to use paint brightener or other abrasive materials when cleaning. During driving
Care should also be taken to avoid scratches or "hard injuries" caused to the aluminum alloy wheels. Once scratches or deformations occur, they should be repaired and repainted as soon as possible.
To avoid this phenomenon, the car must be diligent to wash the rims when it is still new. The vehicles that are driven every day must be washed at least once a week, and then washed with water
After that, scrub with a detergent and sponge, and then rinse with plenty of water.

If the car has been driving for a period of time, and is usually not diligent in cleaning and maintenance, a hard dark brown color has formed on the rim, then use a stronger wheel
Circle cleaner.
Be resistant to coking. After spraying a special cleaning agent, you must wait for a while to let the solvent soften the coking, then brush it off with a sponge or coarse cloth, and then use clean water.
Choose a refreshing shape for easy maintenance
It should be noted that you must not be anxious. Some serious coking requires two or three cleaning actions to completely remove it. Those who don’t like to take care of the car by themselves, most
Fortunately, when choosing a rim at the beginning of a car purchase, I chose a "clear" shape with a simple and clear appearance, without too much complicated structure, and without a bunch of small screws.
Is easier.

The following are the specific steps for patching:
1. Check the scars. If there is no damage to the inside of the aluminum alloy wheel, you can simply repair it. Use paint thinner to wipe the scars around to remove dirt.
2. The deepest part of the scratch is difficult to remove the dirt, then you can use a toothpick to completely clean it.
3. In order to prevent accidentally painting the irrelevant parts, it is best to carefully stick the adhesive tape around the scars.
4. Organize the tip of the brush and apply a modified paint. The paint shrinks slightly after drying, and it is best to apply a little bulge.
5. After painting, it takes about a week to dry completely. After drying, use water-resistant paper dipped in soapy water to smooth the surface.
6. After wiping with water-resistant paper, use the mixture to wipe out the light, and then wax it.
When the hard-to-remove asphalt is stained on the aluminum alloy wheel, if the general cleaning agent is useless, you can use a brush to try to remove it, but do not use an excessively hard brush, especially an iron brush
To avoid damaging the surface of the aluminum alloy wheel. Here, I will introduce a remedy for the removal of asphalt to private car owners: that is, to use medicinal "living oil" for rubbing to obtain unexpected results,
Try it. If the area where the vehicle is located is wet or close to the waterfront, the aluminum alloy wheels should be cleaned frequently to avoid corrosion of the aluminum surface by salt. After cleaning if necessary, the aluminum alloy wheels can be waxed and maintained to make their gloss permanent

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