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Aluminum alloy wheel modification and upgrade Main parameters of aluminum alloy wheel modification


Abstract: For automobile manufacturers, the cost can be saved. The aluminum alloy wheels are unfortunately reduced to the original cost-saving objects. As long as the size is suitable and the rigidity is sufficient, the original aluminum alloy wheels will choose a simple structure and modest mold for mass production. Although there is no problem with quality, it will not take care of the individual needs of consumers at all. How much do you know about the modification of aluminum alloy wheels? The following article specifically introduces you to the knowledge of aluminum alloy wheel modification and upgrade, and introduces the main parameters of aluminum alloy wheel modification.

Aluminum alloy wheel modification and upgrade Main parameters of aluminum alloy wheel modification

1Alloy wheel modification
Aluminum alloy wheel modification refers to the modification of the original aluminum alloy wheel of the vehicle for the purpose of aesthetics or other purposes. Generally for beauty
At the same time, the modification of aluminum alloy wheels is also one of the most important modification projects in vehicle modification.

2 Knowledge of upgrading and modification of aluminum alloy wheels
There are many different types of aluminum rings on the market, which are indeed dazzling, but there are many points to be aware of when replacing aluminum rings. From the most obvious appearance
Judging from the fact that although it is easy, the difference of the aluminum ring is not only in the shape, but the most often overlooked original factory settings are the most important part.
Rim offset (offset value):
This value is from the center of the cross section of the rim to the fixed reference surface of the screw hole. It is positive for general motor vehicles and negative for a few vehicles and some jeep vehicles.
The offset value of the car is ET40. If the aluminum ring of ET45 is replaced, it will shrink into the wheel arch more than the album (19 photos) of the original aluminum alloy wheel modification. This design and vehicle
The steering characteristics and the wheel positioning angle are all related. The original set value is usually optimized. The offset value that is too large may cause abnormal tire consumption and easy bearing.
Wear and tear, even side effects such as runaway during high-speed tire puncture, must not be careless!
PCD value and hole position:
The hole position refers to the number of nuts locked when the rim is fixed, which is generally 4 holes or 5 holes. The PCD value is the diameter of the circle formed by connecting these holes, so some wheels
There may be 8 holes drilled on it, which are prepared to adapt to two different PCD values.
Diameter and J number:
This item is also related to the appearance, usually up one level (for example, 14 to 15), which does not hinder the original acceleration, but on the maneuverability and road
The visual effects of the surface and appearance need to be considered if they are skipped. Although it is better in some aspects, due to the increase of the rolling quality, accelerated heavy drag, fuel consumption, and reduced comfort
Low, most tire replacement costs must be carefully considered. Conversely, if you only change the aluminum ring without upgrading the size, it will obviously help the acceleration. The J number represents the width of the rim.
The number of inches, generally the original factory iron ring J number (5.5J). If you want to directly use it with the tire after upgrading the tire width, most of them are insufficient, so when you choose the aluminum ring, if you plan to change the wide tire, you must
You must first select the rim with a larger J number (such as 6.5J, 7J) to avoid the embarrassment of wearing big shoes in the future.
In addition to the above, you should determine whether the quality of the aluminum ring is reliable when replacing the aluminum ring. It is best to have a certified product or an internationally renowned brand to avoid poor quality of the aluminum ring.
And threatens driving safety
Electroplated aluminum alloy wheels are divided into silver plating, water plating and pure plating. Although the silver-plated and water-plated aluminum alloy wheels are bright and vivid, but the retention time is shorter, so the price is more
low. Pure electroplated aluminum alloy wheels maintain color for a long time, high quality and high price. High-end cars such as Guangben and Audi use purely plated aluminum alloy wheels, and the price is higher.

3 Main parameters of modified aluminum alloy wheels:
Rim width:
Usually expressed in 5.5J, 6J, 7J, the unit is inch, usually a tire with a tire width of 185 needs a 5 inch rim width, 195 requires 6 inches, 205 requires 6.5 inches, 215
The tire width needs to correspond to a 7-inch wide rim.
Wheel diameter:
There are 12, 13, 14, 15 and other specifications, the unit is inch. At present, commercially available vehicles have been equipped with 20-inch wheels, such as Infiniti FX35, BMW X5, etc.
PCD value:
That is, the diameter of the circle formed by the tire screws, in mm, domestic cars are usually 100, 114.3, European cars are more special, including the 98 and Volvo of the Express train
108, BMW 120 and M.Benz 112.

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