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How to judge if the aluminum alloy wheel is deformed? How to replace deformed aluminum alloy wheels


1. How to judge the deformation of aluminum alloy wheels

1. See if the steering wheel shakes
We can't see the slight deformation with the naked eye, and we can't see the same deformation on the inside of the aluminum alloy wheel. If you drive fast at this time, the steering wheel
Shaking indicates that the aluminum alloy wheel is probably deformed. This is the time to do dynamic balancing for safety.

2. Aluminum alloy wheel warping
The aluminum alloy wheel warpage is divided into inner warpage and outer warpage. You can see the outer warpage, but you cannot see the inner bridge, but you can pay attention to when the speed is high.
Whether the steering wheel has jitter or whether the tire will leak air, if one of these two conditions reappears, it must be deformed.

3. Cracking of aluminum alloy wheels
The aluminum alloy wheel will definitely deform if it is cracked by the big pit. At this time, when repairing the crack, the deformation must also be repaired.

4. Tire leak
If the tire is leaking and the tire is not damaged, then the aluminum alloy wheel must be deformed, because the deformation of the aluminum alloy wheel will cause the tire to not be tightly coupled, resulting in leakage

5. Tire puncture continues to drive
If the flat tire continues to drive forcibly, then the aluminum alloy wheel of the flat tire will be deformed, which can be checked visually.

Second, how to replace the deformed alloy wheel

1. Our first operation is to remove the wheels. This operation seems very simple, just loosen the screws on the aluminum alloy wheel, but the order of removing the screws is exquisite
of. The aluminum alloy hub is a five-screw structure, and the diagonal sequence should be used when removing, which is equivalent to the step of drawing a five-pointed star. In this way, in theory, the force of each screw will be more uniform
Even, can minimize the deformation of screws and mounting holes.

2. Take the new aluminum alloy wheel out of the packing box and carefully put it on the tire changer to fix it, then you can start putting on the tire.

3. The operation of "sleeve" seems simple, but when you have seen the structure of the tire and the material of the tire, you will find that putting the tire on the aluminum alloy wheel is a very laborious task.
situation. Looking at the slim figure of the maintenance master, we also squeezed sweat for him. I saw that the repair master first applied Vaseline to the inner edge of the tire, and then placed the tire on the aluminum alloy wheel.
Step on the pedal to make the base rotate, slowly put the tire on the aluminum alloy wheel with the help of the fork on the tire changer, and press the edge of the tire into the aluminum alloy wheel.

4. In the process of setting the tires, the maintenance master said to us while operating: "Brute force is useless. The more violent the hard sleeve, the more unfit the tires. You must not be anxious." That being said, do this job A little effort is nothing. Let's look at the master again, he is already sweating. Although the repair master pressed the tire very carefully, the tire was still "naughty": I thought it had been set for a while. After turning the base, it suddenly popped up again and could only be pressed again.

5. After putting the tire on the aluminum alloy wheel, the tire must be inflated according to the standard air pressure. While inflating, check the tightness of the tire and the aluminum alloy wheel. As the air pressure increases, the tire
The inner edge is continuously squeezed and gradually fits into the aluminum alloy wheels. From time to time, there is a loud noise of rubber rebounding from the aluminum alloy wheels.

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