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Errors of Modification auto wheel


1. Buy cheap fakes
The modification of the wheel rim is an important step in the car modification. Whether it is appearance modification or handling performance improvement, the wheel hub plays an important role in it.
The high-quality wheels, after rigorous production process and strict inspection, ensure that their personalized parameters are qualified. Of course, a set of genuine wheels are very expensive.
There are only a few companies that can produce and sell domestically (with export products), so the price of imported wheels is relatively expensive. Therefore, in order to save costs, many modified players have chosen
The so-called "domestic" and "Taiwan-made" fake wheels are completely undesirable. If the fake wheels produced by the "small workshop" are not much different from the genuine wheels, they are heavy
The quantity and strength are far from the safety indicators. Players often have some inexplicable cracks and deformations when using "fake" wheels, and in
In the process of high speed, fakes are not enough to support such a strong load. If a high-speed burst occurs, it will directly affect the life safety of the driver and passengers! and so’s auto supplies experts particularly reminded that if economic conditions are temporarily not allowed, please carefully choose modified wheels, although the original “steel rims” and “cast wheels” also
It may not be beautiful and light enough, but at least the security is guaranteed.

2. The right wheel is not selected correctly
The role of the wheel hub in improving the appearance is more obvious, but when choosing the wheel hub, every detail must be taken into account, and various parameters of the wheel hub will affect the wheel hub
With the use of vehicles, incorrect PCD values ​​may prevent normal installation. The ET value not only affects installation and use, but may also affect future upgrades and modifications, such as
The original car is a single-piston brake system. In the future, the owner intends to upgrade it to a multi-piston brake system. The ET value and the small size of the wheel hub will affect the normal installation.
In the case of a high-level brake system, it is necessary to replace or upgrade the wheels with secondary consumption.

3. Improperly installed hub
Many black-hearted merchants will not prompt the owner of the size of the center hole diameter when providing modified wheels. If this size is smaller than the original size, it will naturally not be safe.
Installed, but if it is larger than the original size and no comparison measures are taken, it will cause the car to be distracted when driving, resulting in abnormal noise and jitter of the vehicle.
Heavy conditions will directly affect the safety of the vehicle. If you really like the hub you like, and it doesn’t happen to have a suitable center hole size, if the size is too small, you can enter
If the size is too large, you can choose the center hole collar provided by some manufacturers to correct it.

4. The bigger the wheel, the better
Some people think that refitting large-sized wheels is called an upgrade. Others think that large-sized wheels are more visually impactful, but whether it is visual or performance.
Choose the wheel size suitable for your vehicle is moderate. In terms of appearance, the oversized wheels actually make people feel that their feet are lighter, which affects the overall feeling. And in terms of performance,
It needs a balance. Large-sized wheels must be matched with the upgrade of the tires. The larger and wider tires must be selected. The wide tires provide a more stable grip and are strong.
The large friction will make your car start very slowly, and the fuel consumption has been significantly improved, and the size of the hub is too large. If other parameters are not adjusted, for the vehicle's rotation
Xiang also has a great influence. Each car's wheel size has a limit. If you blindly pursue size, then performance and handling will have to be sacrificed.
Not only that, from the perspective of cost performance, the same type of copper wheels, the larger the size, the greater the price, and the corresponding tire size needs to be increased accordingly, and the price will also increase.

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