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Modified wheels have unexpected benefits


Car modification has become more and more common. Many people almost drove their car out of the 4S shop and went straight to the modification shop. In addition to various exterior decorations, the wheel hubs are the most modified by car owners. The first choice for steel and iron wheels is to replace aluminum alloy wheels. Most of the original wheels are unable to achieve the best size, shape, and weight due to cost considerations. Therefore, people who pay attention to appearance and performance have all adopted them. Start. However, the wheel hub is not only an appearance part, but also has a significant impact on the various performance of the vehicle, so you should figure out these things before modifying the wheel hub.

Modified wheels have unexpected benefits

Advantage 1: The visual effect is more beautiful and more impactful

The primary purpose of modification is of course personality. In order to consider the public’s aesthetics and acceptance, the original wheel styles are generally ordinary in shape, while modified wheels often have more personalized shapes. In fact, they are the same as buying shoes in normal times. The probability is smaller.

At the same time, different wheel hub sizes have completely different visual effects. Take the Civic as an example. The domestic 1.5T low-profile models use 16-inch wheels, while the overseas two-door models use 18 inch wheels. It's clear who is better-looking and sportier.

Advantage 2: Improve control performance

Generally speaking, upgrading the hub is not only to increase the diameter of the hub, but also to increase the width at the same time. Therefore, the tire selection is wider than the original one, the aspect ratio is lower, and the tire grip is stronger. The tire wall is thinner and harder, and the deformation is smaller in the corners. It not only creates a more grounded visual effect, but also ensures the tire contact area, reduces the body roll, and improves handling.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz AMG and BMW M series models are often equipped with larger diameter wheels than ordinary models. Another reason is that these cars have super power performance and require larger brakes to provide effective braking force. Obviously, small-sized wheels cannot fit large-sized brake discs. For example, the front brake disc of Lamborghini Urus almost fills up 23-inch aluminum alloy wheels, and smaller wheels can’t fit naturally.

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