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Automotive aluminum alloy wheels help the lightweight development of new energy vehicles


   Asia Automotive Lightweight Exhibition was held recently at Shanghai Xinji Expo Center. In the past two years, the introduction of new energy vehicles has become wider and wider. The cruising range is an issue that new energy vehicles urgently need to improve. There are two main factors affecting the cruising range: the continuous research and development of lithium batteries, and the second is the improvement of the lightweight of the car body.


   Compared with the research and development of lithium batteries, reducing the weight of the car body seems to be easier to achieve. In this regard, the plasticity of aluminum alloy wheels is better than that of steel wheels. The lightweight advantage also makes it a lot of high-performance cars. Compared with steel automobile wheels, the density of aluminum alloy wheels is about 1/3 of that of steel wheels. Aluminum alloy wheels with the same volume will be 2/3 lighter than steel wheels. Statistics show that the mass of the entire automobile is reduced by 10%. The fuel rate can be increased by 6% to 8%.

Automotive aluminum wheels

   Aluminum alloy has better thermal conductivity than steel wheels. When the car is running at high speed, the heat generated by friction needs to be channeled. The tires cannot be equipped with water coolers. Therefore, the sports car will be designed with door air-cooled grooves to cool the wheel hub and the brake system.

  Aluminum alloy has good plasticity, and the design of the wheel hub is highly executable. The designer can design many beautiful patterns and finally mass produce it. In a consumer environment that requires relatively high aesthetics, aluminum alloy wheels have gradually become the mainstream.

   Driven by the lightweight of automobiles, it is believed that aluminum alloy wheels will develop better and better with its own points.

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