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Which cars are 22 inch wheels suitable for?


What is the concept of 22 inch wheels? I think most people who read this article have not seen it. Someone who knows how to say 22 inches must be the size of Bigfoot, and someone who knows cars will say that they have been "flickered" by the huge reflections of a car's 22 inch wheels. We said, don't get dizzy, man . After taking a look at the role of 22 inches on different cars, find your favorite car to faint carefully!

Which cars are 22 inch wheels suitable for

Cadillac ESCALADE: 22 inch wheels flash your eyes
 Although the 22-inch chrome wheels are the same as many models, the 22 inch wheels added by the 09 Cadillac ESCALADE look more powerful. Maybe its powerful LOGO can more shocking people. This model is derived from GM's latest GMT900 platform, and its power has been upgraded to a level. The 6.2L V8 VVT all-aluminum engine is even more fierce, giving the Escalade a .8s acceleration of 100 kilometers! The most important thing is that it is different from the 22-inch modified version of other models. The 22-inch foot of the Escalade is the original one! Even in China, you can get a car that is so popular for 1.5 million. Partner!

Hummer H2 modification: 22 inch wheels can be used as mirrors

 The chrome-plated wheels blooming like sunflowers reflect the beautiful scenery of the four seasons, but once matched with a sturdy model like the Hummer H2, it will always make people feel a bit dislocated. The complicated decoration is quite Baroque, but I personally think that the Hummer’s modification has entered a misunderstanding. The 22-inch wheels are more like a medal than a reliable support. This modification feels like turning a muscular man into a flowery, dressed up The decals on the mirror are yellow, basically except for Cool, only gorgeous.

Cayenne SportDesign: 22 inch deep black hole

 The 5-spoke wheel design shows the Cayenne's huge calipers and brake discs. It is undoubtedly a good choice for high-speed driving. The wide wheels and the powerful direct-injection engine enable the Cayenne Sport to achieve an acceleration of 6.8 seconds from 100 km/h, which undoubtedly makes Cayenne more likely to be favored by urban sportsmen. Behind the 5-spoke wheel, the huge and deep black hole formed by the brake disc attracts the eyes of curious people, and after a burst of smoke and dust, you will find that the black hole can release the energy of the clouds and fog!

BMW X5: German Medal for 22 inch wheels

The new CLR X530 was born by modifying the BMW X5 by LUMMA Design. It has been fully upgraded on the basis of the BMW X5. Due to the use of the electronic programming engine, the power of the new car has been increased by 28bhp, and the torque has increased by 35Nm. The maximum speed of CLRX530 has also increased by 15km/h. CLR X530 is also equipped with three styles of wheels to choose from, namely: "Racing 1", "Racing 1", and "Racing 3", all of which are 22 inches. The X5 white thorn-shaped rims in the picture are easily reminiscent of the German medal shape. Yes, he is the endorsement of German men!

Bentley Continental GTC: 22 inch wheels in explicit black

Mansory, a German tuning company specializing in luxury car modification, launched its latest work at the Frankfurt Motor Show: Le Mansory Convertible GTC, a modified car based on Bentley Continental GTC. Improvements include the use of a new paint and interior, and a lowered body height. And the replacement of the 650-horsepower W12 engine, yes, it also replaced with 22-inch super large carbon black wheels, showing the sexiness of huge brake discs. Please note that its sexiest part is that there are only 24 cars in the world.

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