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Is 19 inch wheel better or 17 inch wheel better, the bigger the better?


  Whether a 19 inch wheel is better or a 17 inch wheel depends on the situation. Big wheels and thin tires are indeed more beautiful, and the bumps on smooth roads are very weak, low fuel consumption, and strong handling; but the thin tires of large wheels are in mud pits, or under road conditions with more stones and steel plates. It is easy to puncture, and it will be bumpy than a small wheel. 17 inch wheels will be cheaper than 19 inch wheels, lower cost.

In general, 19 inch wheels have better visual effects and handling performance than 17 inch wheels, and 17 inch wheels are more comfortable and economical than 19 inch wheels.

Is 19 inch wheel better or 17 inch wheel better, the bigger the better

Is the bigger the aluminum alloy wheel, the better?

The larger the rim, the flatter the tire and the worse the overall elasticity. It is more difficult to absorb and filter vehicle vibration on uneven roads. This means that the thinner the tire, the greater the possibility of bulging and puncture. As a result, the suspension system’s feedback on road conditions will become sluggish, the moment of inertia will become greater, rolling resistance will increase, fuel consumption will increase, and a dry bombing accelerator will not work.

Therefore, the larger the wheel hub is not the better, we should pursue the overall performance of the car, achieve uniform integration, and clarify our own focus. SUV models have thicker tire walls and larger wheel hubs, while sports car performance tires have thinner tire walls and a not small wheel hub ratio. In general, small family cars have very small wheels and relatively thick tire walls.

The original wheel hub is to seek the best balance of economy and comfort. The reason high-performance vehicles are equipped with large wheels is that larger brake discs can be installed to improve braking performance. After all, if there is not enough braking power, high-performance vehicles with hundreds of horsepower are very dangerous, and high-performance vehicles do not put comfort in the first place. Therefore, even if the big wheels are beautiful and advanced, don't modify them blindly.

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