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What size tire is most suitable for 14 inch wheels?


Of course, 14 inch wheels are equipped with 14-inch tires. In addition to the manufacturing process, the quality of the tire depends on the flatness of the tire.

The aspect ratio is the ratio of the height to the width of the tire. The lower the aspect ratio, the better the quality. The original car tires had very narrow treads, large diameters, and narrow and high tires. Not only did they have poor handling safety, but also, because the tires had a small force area, they had poor durability. Therefore, increasing the width of the tire and reducing the inner diameter of the tire have become the development direction of the tire and the goal pursued by the tire manufacturer. Every type of civilian tire has huge research and development costs, and the testing process during manufacturing is also unusually strict.

So, why the lower the flatness, the better the quality? First of all, after the tire becomes wider, the contact area between the tread and the ground increases, thereby increasing the friction coefficient, which improves the braking performance and the durability of the tire, thereby improving the driving safety;

Secondly, as the sidewalls become shorter, the toughness of the ground contact is strengthened and the rotation performance is improved, thereby improving the turning performance. In addition, after the tire is low profile, when the overall height of the tire does not change significantly, the tire can be appropriately widened, which can enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle and give people a feeling of fullness.

Volkswagen new Santana 14 inch wheels specifications

Volkswagen’s new Santana low-profile version of the original wheel model R14 x 6J, 5x100 specification size wheels. The size and width of the wheel hub are a set of very important data. The larger the size, the thinner the tire should be, because the circumference of the tire should be kept as constant as possible, otherwise the speedometer of the vehicle will have deviations. The thinner the tire, the clearer the road feel.

The wider the wheel, the wider the tire that can be installed. Although it will increase fuel consumption, the larger the contact area, the more stable the grip. Friends who consider the performance of the car should reasonably replace the wider tire.

Many friends choose to replace large-size wheels in pursuit of beauty. It is true that large-size wheels have better visual senses, but there may be many places inside the wheels that will get stuck after they are installed. Especially when the car is driving through some road sections with poor road conditions, the instantaneous compression of the vehicle's shock absorber will also affect it.

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