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What are the advantages and disadvantages of wheel size?


Advantages and disadvantages of wheel size:

1. Advantages, excellent handling performance, the bracket of the big wheel hub is big and strong enough, the handling of the big wheel hub is also good, and the power transmission is better; generally 16 inch wheels and 18 inch wheels are very obvious in comparison.

2. When a car is crossing a bend road, the inclination is smaller and it is easier to corner. The larger the area of ​​the wheel, the stronger the support of the wheel to the tire, the more direct friction against the ground, and the easier the grip from the inside. External output makes the tires more stable;

3. The appearance is beautiful. Many luxury cars will use big wheel tires, which are magnificent, luxurious and face-saving;

4. Disadvantages: poor shock absorption. The larger the wheel hub, the smaller the relative tire. The smaller the tire, the thinner the tire tread and the less gas in the tire, so the tire cushion will be more Weak, the damping effect of this tire will be poor;

5. The fuel consumption is high. The wheel hub is made of metal. Because of the large metal quality, the wheel hub is heavier. A large wheel hub means that the tire will be heavier, and the weight of a large wheel hub will consume more oil. The fuel consumption of big wheels will be higher. If you used steel wheels, changing to aluminum alloy wheels will save fuel.

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