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Precautions for changing 16 inch wheels to 18 inch wheels


With the development of the car modification industry, more and more car owners are beginning to modify their cars. The first option many people modify is to modify the wheels. So how much do you know about wheel modification? Is the bigger the better? Now let me explain to you about the problem of wheel modification.

1.16 inch wheels modified 18 inch wheels

Generally speaking, it is not advisable to refit wheels with too large span. Directly refit from 16-inch wheels to 18-inch wheels. To keep the circumference of the tire as long as possible, it is necessary to choose lower aspect ratio tires, which will reduce the comfort of the vehicle. And because the big wheel hub will cause tire noise and fuel consumption to increase, and even worse, it will wear the vehicle, so I suggest that you modify the wheel hub according to your own needs, and increase the size reasonably. It is not suitable to directly modify 18 inch wheels.

2. Precautions for changing 16-inch wheels to 18 inch wheels

First of all, in terms of policy in China, it is not allowed to replace wheels with non-original car sizes.

The Road Traffic Safety Law clearly stipulates that no unit or individual may assemble a motor vehicle or change the registered structure, structure or characteristics of a motor vehicle without authorization. Without the permission of the traffic management department of public security, unauthorized modification of motor vehicle chassis, engine, suspension, transmission system, direction system, tires and wheels, lights, body color painting and appearance structure.

Although the current New Deal has allowed the wheel hub to be changed, it is only allowed to change the wheel style, and the wheel size parameters cannot be changed. Therefore, 16-inch wheels modified by 18-inch wheels are not allowed to be filed by the vehicle management office. After the modification, the annual inspection will not pass.

Secondly, the bigger the wheel hub is, the easier it is to damage the bearing, and the larger the wheel hub is, the thinner the tire will be, the more obvious the feeling on the road, the easier it is to reduce the driving comfort. After all, the wheel hub is a key part of the car. If you change a large-size wheel hub carelessly, it will cause serious consequences, even car crashes.

You need to be cautious when modifying wheels. Do not blindly follow the opinions of others. If the car wheels are not damaged, it is best not to modify them casually.

Related disadvantages:

1. The odometer will be out of tolerance when driving, that is, the speed of the odometer is inconsistent with the actual speed.

2. The tires will knock on the body when crossing a bumpy road. (Change flat tires)

3. When replacing tires, shock absorbers and odometer sensors must be replaced.

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