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What are the effects of changing 16 inch wheels to 18 inch wheels


It will definitely have an impact. There are three main impacts for car wheels from 16 inch to 18 inch.

1. The odometer will be out of tolerance when driving, that is, the speed of the odometer is inconsistent with the actual speed.
2. The tires will knock on the body when crossing a bumpy road.
3. The tires will scratch the guard when the vehicle turns.

The impact of changing 16 inch wheels to 18 inch wheels:

1. It is influential. The trip computer cannot be adjusted. If you don’t widen the tires, you will have tire scratches when you make sharp corners or acceleration, and widening the tires will reduce this situation, but it also has a corresponding effect. The shortcomings of the car are that if it has more contact with the ground, the natural friction resistance will increase, and the steering wheel will become cumbersome. If it is difficult to control the steering wheel, our car will slow down when it accelerates;

2. In contrast, for narrow tires, narrow tires have a greater advantage in acceleration. When they accelerate, they have strong flexibility. Tire noise is also very small. In terms of fuel consumption, it is more energy efficient than wide tires. But when you are on a smooth road, the friction of narrow tires will be relatively small;

3. Large-size wheels have more visual impact, but in terms of vision and performance, the size of the wheels that suit your vehicle is moderate. In terms of appearance, the oversized wheels make people feel light-weight and affect the overall feeling.

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