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How to change the color of aluminum alloy wheels by yourself?


    With the continuous development of the times, fashion is not only spreading to clothing, food, housing, transportation, but also to the effect of changing the color of aluminum alloy wheels. Many people know that the personality of a car is reflected in its appearance. Of course, it is much more than that. The pursuit of many young people, because this is a manifestation of self-personality, thousands of cars can recognize their own car at a glance, this is very proud of things, colleagues are also different characteristics of car owners.

The cost of changing the color of aluminum alloy wheels is relatively high. Even many years ago, people would retreat. In addition to replacement, there is another way to use the original aluminum alloy wheels, which can save a lot of costs. Not only that, if you replace it After the aluminum alloy wheels are used, multiple tire replacements are needed, which is even more unattainable. Nowadays, many repairs are done on the original aluminum alloy wheels, and you only need to modify the original aluminum alloy wheels. This is not just as simple as saving money, but also a full and reasonable use of resources without hindering young people from pursuing individuality and fashion.

2, Aluminum alloy wheel color change is a relatively common technical renovation. It is also relatively simple to recolor the aluminum alloy wheel, and the cost is not too expensive, which can be accepted by many young people. In the process of coloring the aluminum alloy wheels, only the four aluminum alloy wheels need to be disassembled. After a special cleaning work is carried out to clear the mud, sand and scratches, it will be polished until the original color is removed. These operations are It can also be carried out in a dust-free workshop. Generally, after the color is changed, after the paint is dried, you need to wait for some days. The process takes about four days. The heating is properly maintained until the color on the surface of the aluminum alloy wheel is firm. It is not easy to fall off, so it can be completed easily. The colors of the aluminum alloy wheels that need to be changed are all selected by themselves, including silver, white, yellow, black, etc. If there are special requirements, you can explain to some masters in advance.

3,Based on the above, we have learned that changing the color of aluminum alloy wheels is a very easy and very simple thing. The price is not too expensive today. It can be accepted by some young and individual people and make it more Happy. After the color change is completed, the color on the aluminum alloy wheel hub is very firm, and it is tightly attached to the aluminum alloy wheel hub. It can be consistent regardless of wind, rain, or sun exposure, without color loss.

When choosing repairs, choose places with good reputation and good technology, and don’t choose repair sites with cheap prices but bad reputation and poor technology. There will be the result of spending wrong money but not getting good service, which will make Suffer economic losses.

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