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What size can be equipped with 18-inch wheels


Generally speaking, the diameter of the circumference of an 18 inch wheel hub is 18 inches, which is 45.72 centimeters (cm). A leap in handling performance. The grounding area of ​​the large wheel hub is larger than that of the original wheel hub, and the friction force is greater. The improvement in handling performance is second only to the effect of changing the suspension, and the high speed is more stable.

Dimensions that can be equipped with 18-inch wheels:

1. The tires and wheels must have the same specifications, and they must also be equipped with 18-inch tires. If you need to change the tire specifications, you must go to a professional refit shop to upgrade the tires, or ask the car manufacturer;

2. The following various factors need to be considered when refitting tires. Local travel regulations (which will not affect the approval of the vehicle's annual review, vehicle warranty, etc.). The speed and load index of the tire. The specifications of the rim, such as: width and offset, etc.; space; Suspension system; (critically) the tire's load-bearing radius remains unchanged;

3. If a tire with a similar pattern has a wider tread, under normal circumstances it will bring better grip, but at the same time fuel consumption and tire noise may also increase. The smaller the tire's aspect ratio number (the flatter the tire), the better the vehicle's handling, but the comfort may be reduced, and the chance of swelling when the tire hits a foreign body may increase.
Of course it is advocating that matters such as tire specification conversion and installation must be carried out by professionals.

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