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What you need to know about car wheel upgrade


The car has a history of more than one hundred years since the birth of the car. The wheel and tire have been retained since the birth. The wheel is the core of a car. The wheel has gradually evolved from the original iron wheel to a forged wheel that the world has been amazed by.

The first forged aluminum wheel in history originated from the American production in 1963. With the people’s higher and higher living standards, as the people’s demand for quality and the pursuit of beauty, cast wheels will slowly go far and become a thing of the past. .

   said here I will briefly explain the difference between forging and casting. Casting is divided into gravity casting, low pressure casting, and spinning casting. Spinning is the most important, low pressure is the second, and gravity is the least. The process material for casting wheels is not ideal. Aluminum is an ordinary aluminum rod. The molded product is formed at a time when abrasive tools are opened and washed. There is nothing better than selling at low prices to deceive some car owners in the market who don't know enough about wheels. Upgraded cast aluminum wheels are far inferior to the original wheels of ordinary cars, so some car owners may ask, why are the original wheels also cast? The reason is as follows. The cost of making vehicles is too large. In order to ensure profits and survival, costs must be saved. However, many high-end models have been upgraded to forged aluminum wheels. For example, Land Rover Range Rover high-equipped with 22 inch wheels, BMW M series, Mercedes-Benz amg series, Porsche turbo series and many other models. Therefore, the upgrade of the cast wheel hub is worse than the downgrade. The steering brake damping shock absorber, the cornering control is much worse than before. Always read the post, go to the website to see the wheels. If you want to know about the wheels, you should have heard that the cast wheels are easy to break and the quality is unstable. In fact, the situation is basically true. Cracking or impact cracking is also normal. So many friends will ask is there any way to avoid it? Here we can talk about forged wheels. The so-called forging, as the name implies, means that a 10,000-ton machine presses a section of aluminum into an aluminum cake. Milling in programming is tempered by hundreds of programs. The price of aviation aluminum for aircraft made of aviation t06061 aluminum is relatively expensive. The spokes are milled one by one. Compared with the density of forging, the density of casting is less than one percent, and the quality of appearance paint is far better than traditional casting. However, in the domestic market, many small forging factories will flood into an industry at the beginning of its budding changes, even without VIA qualifications. Small factories have immature technology, many production flaws, and no testing equipment. At present, no matter whether it is from a domestic or international perspective, Hongxin is mainly engaged in truck aluminum wheels and rarely involves in the forging field. It is the birthplace of domestically produced BMW wheels. Dicastal also manufactures BMW wheels and aluminum wheels for trucks. However, its subsidiary Dicastal Hongxin produces forging, and its quality and workmanship are far superior to those of other factories, making it a leader in the forging industry. What is disrespectful is that many small factories that produce blanks from Dicastal purchase Dicastal blanks to process and pretend to be forged by Dicastal Hongxin. Therefore, when buying forging, it is necessary to recognize whether the brand and factory are genuine, and to understand it before purchasing. After all, the wheel hub is a major factor for personal safety when it comes to driving safety. Don't just save something that is not worth the loss. The best way to modify wheels is to find a professional, powerful and physical store.

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