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The difference between cast wheels and forged wheels


1. What are the advantages of forged wheels

1. Rugged and safer
Forged aluminum rims are 1-2 times stronger than cast aluminum rims, and 4-5 times that of general iron rims, so they are stronger and more resistant to impact, and their toughness and fatigue strength are significantly better than cast wheels.
It is not easy to crush and break, and the safety is stronger.
2. Lightweight and more fuel-efficient
Compared with casting, a forged wheel of the same size can be about 20% lighter in weight, and 1KG lighter on the wheel can increase 10 horsepower. In addition, lightweight also makes suspension
The response speed of the suspension has also been significantly improved, the suspension system has a faster response speed, and it is naturally easier to deal with potholes on the road, and the sense of bumps is greatly reduced.
3. Fuel saving and good heat dissipation performance
According to Japanese experiments, every 1kg reduction in the weight of a 5-seater car will save about 20L of gasoline a year. A research report published by the American Society of Automotive Engineers points out that forged wheels
Although the hub is more expensive than ordinary cast wheels, in the long run, the cost can be recovered if the car travels for 30,000 kilometers. In addition, the heat dissipation effect of forged wheels is better, and the long distance is high.
When driving at a high speed, it can make the brake drum and tires not easy to age, increase the life span, and reduce the chance of puncture.
4. Better control performance
Upgraded forged wheels increase the width of the wheels without affecting steering and loading, so that the vehicle's acceleration, braking and sensitivity on corners will be significantly improved.
High, whether it is from a standstill to a start, or accelerating during driving, it will feel visibly lighter. Whether entering or exiting a corner in a corner, the car will obviously feel lighter underfoot.
5. More beautiful
Because the forged wheel has a compact structure and can withstand high stress, it can design some more lively thin spokes in terms of shape design, and the design freedom is also high.
It can design wheels suitable for the overall appearance of the customer's car according to the needs of the car owner, making the car more personalized.

Second, the difference between forged wheels and cast wheels
1. Different processes
Casting rims are made by casting molten aluminum in a sand mold, and after cooling and forming, they are manufactured by machining (deburring, trimming, and polishing).
For forging, a steel mold is used to place the heated and softened aluminum block in it, which is then formed by stamping, and then processed by machining after cooling.
2. Different costs
The casting process is simple and rough and easy to mass produce, so the cost is relatively low, while the forging process is more complicated, so the manufacturing cost is relatively high.
3. Different weight
In the production process of forged wheels, due to the continuous stamping of aluminum blocks, after forming, its molecular structure will become very tight, so it can withstand higher pressure.
Therefore, under the same size and strength, forged wheels are also lighter than cast wheels.

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