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Spraying technology of aluminum alloy wheels


      Aluminum alloy wheels are material-intensive products. There are tens of thousands of raw and auxiliary materials used in the production process. The paint used is the metallic paint sprayed on the surface of the wheel hub, which only accounts for a small part of the purchased varieties. Why did the author only propose the management of paint procurement plan? Because paint procurement plan management has its particularity compared with the procurement plan management of other materials, the management difficulty is much greater than that of other materials. The role of the wheel hub is to support the soft tires. The aluminum alloy wheel hub has good heat dissipation, is light in weight, and has high precision. It can reduce the fuel consumption of the car and reduce the fatigue of the driver, regardless of the road conditions. Will also play the greatest degree of cushioning and shock absorption.

Spraying technology of aluminum alloy wheels

1. Overview of aluminum wheels

Alloy wheels involve many disciplines, so you need to master these disciplines to get the true meaning. Not only need to be proficient in relevant knowledge, but also to integrate theory with practice, so that aluminum wheels and cars can get real benefits. Before proceeding with the wheel hub, it is necessary to understand the customer's needs and the actual state of the wheel hub, carefully understand the defects of the wheel hub, minimize the number of wheel processing, and increase the pass rate. In short, it is important to understand the customer's needs, conduct a detailed analysis, make a plan, and determine the most suitable process for the wheel hub.

2. Polishing technology

Castings are prone to bumps during casting, causing surface defects and affecting appearance. Modern people pay great attention to beauty. The wheel is the most important part of a car. If a wheel with a defective appearance is installed, then

The price of the car will also be greatly reduced. The best way to remove defects is to use polishing technology to make the surface smooth and defect-free, thereby creating aluminum alloy wheels with a high pass rate. In addition, products that are unqualified due to powder spraying or painting can also be polished to solve the appearance problem.

Commonly used grinding tools include pneumatic grinding heads, surface grinders, and angle grinders. The polishing material is selected according to the actual situation. To ensure that workers are operating in a good working environment, it is necessary to design a special polishing platform and a series of polishing needs.

Before the castings are polished, they must first be inspected. After determining the appearance of the defects, perform rough and fine polishing. After polishing, check again. After confirming that there are no problems, make up the putty and sand the putty. After everything is in order, perform a third inspection to make sure the appearance After the defects and the quality are qualified, spraying can be carried out.

3. Pre-processing technology

The purpose of the pretreatment technology of aluminum alloy wheels is to form a passive film on the surface of the wheel to prevent corrosion of the wheel surface. Spray-through pretreatment equipment is a common equipment in pretreatment technology. The pre-treatment technology mainly uses chemical reactions to achieve the final goal. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the performance of the pre-treatment drugs is stable and meet the requirements of the pre-treatment technology. With the continuous improvement of China's environmental protection requirements, some companies are still studying pretreatment drugs.

Keep the chemical tank clean, add one-third of the water to the height of the remaining tank, and then configure the pre-treatment tank liquid. After configuration, sampling and testing are required, and then it can be put into production after being qualified. The concentration of medicines will vary due to different requirements and different formulations.

4. Powder spraying technology

The first process of spraying is powder spraying, the purpose is to prevent corrosion and cover leveling. Keeping the spraying thickness greater than 100 microns can improve the performance of the wheel, so as to better adapt to the environment and improve the safety of the driver.

The same coefficient. Powder spraying can cover surface defects for subsequent grinding and processing.

The continuous powder spraying production line mainly includes powder spraying room, recycling system, chain conveying system, curing furnace and thermal energy system, powder spraying gun, etc. Different manufacturers have different ideas, mainly based on the actual situation of the wheel, so there are many combinations. There are many options for powder spraying. Generally speaking, if you focus on preventing corrosion, you can use epoxy powder; if you want good weather resistance, you can use polyester powder. Epoxy polyester powder is somewhere in between and is also a commonly used powder. Of course, the choice of powder should also be considered comprehensively according to the actual situation of wheel production and customer needs.

Before manual powder spraying, professional training should be carried out for the staff to ensure that they have mastered the professional powder spraying technology before they can start work and ensure the quality of powder spraying.

5. Painting technology

Many people attach great importance to the appearance of the car, and often make beauty for the car, and the appearance of the wheel is directly related to the appearance of the car. Therefore, the purpose of painting is to create a beautiful appearance of the wheel.

Play a very good protective role, thereby extending its service life.

Spray paint is mainly divided into color paint and varnish. Under normal circumstances, a wheel production line requires more than two or about three spray booths for better spraying. Due to the harsh operating environment of wheels, the requirements for coating are very strict. Acrylic baking paint can avoid chromatic aberration, and both varnish and colored paint have good effects.

When painting by hand, the placement method of the product is the focus of the painting. The staff must have a reasonable and skilled painting technique so that the painting can be successfully completed.

6. Quality management

The staff must complete the work content on time, improve the quality of the work, and complete each task in earnest. Leaders should lead by example, formulate a rigorous system, and achieve clear rewards and punishments. If the quality of the wheel is not good enough, it is necessary to find the relevant responsible person and implement the responsibility, so as to improve the production efficiency and quality.

details make a difference. In the division of labor, it is necessary to ensure that there are relevant persons responsible for each link, and for each position and each job, detailed evaluation standards must be formulated, which are linked to each other to ensure that the responsibility is implemented on everyone. Goals can be refined, and work needs to be quantified. If you don’t detail it, you will start work when you have a task. There is no organization and no plan. The theory cannot be combined with reality. Every link in the production process must be reasonably controlled, strictly supervised and checked.

7. Conclusion

There is a lot of room for the development of aluminum wheels in China. As a major producer of aluminum wheels in the world, our technical level can basically be in line with the world. The technical requirements for aluminum wheel hubs are very strict. Only by persisting, doing a good job in detail, clear division of labor, grasping every production link, and persevering, can we get better quality. China's aluminum wheel industry is constantly working hard to achieve better technology and quality, and the future is bright.

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