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The difference between aluminum alloy wheel plating and wheel drawing


Many people think that aluminum alloy wheel plating and wheel drawing are one concept. In fact, they are two different technical concepts. Then we can see their differences from the following aspects:

   1. Different equipment required:   

The difference between aluminum alloy wheel plating and wheel drawing

   The first is the hub electroplating equipment, and the hub drawing only needs a fully automatic digital drawing machine.

  2. The operating concept is different: the aluminum alloy wheel hub electroplating is a nano-spraying technology. After the damage on the surface of the wheel hub is repaired by the imported chemical reaction, the chemical solution is sprayed and baked four times. And the wheel drawing process is first to repair the damaged wheel, and put it on the drawing machine for infrared scanning, point sampling, data collection, programming, processing, and painting after finishing.

   wire drawing process

  3. Materials and investment are different

   The electroplating process requires equipment and materials to be completed together, while the hub drawing process is only an equipment investment. Regarding their color change, they are also sprayed out by different equipment. For electroplating, an electroplating room is required, and you must ensure the cleanliness of its operation.

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