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How big is the difference between 18 inch wheels VS 20 inch wheels?


Nowadays, car companies will launch different configurations for each model. The purpose is to attract a wider range of people. Careful people will find that low-profile cars use small wheels, such as 18 inches, while high-profile cars often use small wheels. Larger wheels, such as 20 inches, seem to be better from this point of view. Isn’t that true? How big is the difference between 18-inch and 20 inch wheels? The auto mechanic said bluntly: the greater the comfort, the lower.

18 inch wheels VS 20 inch wheels

1. Size difference

The size of the hub refers to the diameter of the outermost ring of the hub. One inch is equal to 2.54 cm, so 18 inches is equal to 45.72 cm, and 20 inches is equal to 50.8 cm, which is a difference of 5 cm. For small-sized hubs, there is no difference. Too much impact, but for large wheels, the impact is quite obvious, and 18-inch and 20-inch wheels are already larger wheels.

2. Cost and price

There are many ways to produce car wheels, but most of the cars currently use 18-inch and below wheels, so under the effect of output, the price of a single wheel is naturally reduced, while the production of 20-inch wheels is small. Some, the cost is therefore higher, and the price is also higher. For example, for an 18-inch wheel hub, if the unit price is 700 yuan, then the same type of 20-inch wheel may be as high as 2,000 yuan. Therefore, the higher the car, the larger the wheel hub is also very impressive.

3. Comfort

Luxury cars are not absolutely related to driving comfort. The same is true for the wheels. The bigger the wheel, the thinner the tire wall and the larger the contact surface. Therefore, when driving on the road, the real situation of the road can reflect the car. On the body, comfort will also decrease.

4. Fuel consumption

The larger the wheel hub will also lead to higher fuel consumption, because the large wheel requires the width of the tire to increase, and the sidewall becomes thinner, resulting in a larger contact area between the tire and the ground, and increased friction, which naturally increases fuel consumption.

5. Security and stability

Of course, large wheels also have advantages. There are wheels on the car, which are more atmospheric and attractive in appearance and more attractive to the eyes. And the large wheels mean that the flatness ratio will be smaller, so the car will be safer and more stable. , Simply put, in special circumstances, the car's handling ability will be better, such as cornering, flat tires, wet road driving, etc., and the surface will be better.

Whether or not a car needs high-quality large wheels is actually completely determined by one's own needs. Compared with small wheels, large wheels have both prominent advantages and obvious disadvantages. The bigger the better. However, any wheel hub is actually inseparable from good maintenance, which is certain.

The wheel hub, like the tire, is actually in direct contact with the external environment. It may encounter scratches, squeezing, etc., resulting in damage to the wheel. If the wheel is broken or deformed, it must be replaced in time, but if it is scratched , It may cause rust. Repairing at this time will cost very high, because the wheel hub is painted or electroplated, which is similar to car paint, and the cost of complete repair is also very high. Sometimes it is better to buy a new one. Yes, in addition, you can also use self-painting for simple treatment.

Nowadays, most of the wheels are mainly painted and not electroplated, so self-painting can also be used for treatment. Protect the circumference of the wheel and isolate the tire surface, and then use self-painting to align the wheel with spray to make it Evenly covering the entire wheel hub can form a protective effect on the scratching position and avoid the problem of rust in the future.

Summary: If the economy is relatively rich, it is recommended to choose 20-inch wheels. Large-size wheels are relatively more comfortable and safer during driving. If you can choose 18 inch wheels in order to save fuel, the international oil prices are relatively low recently, so it is recommended to choose a car with 20-inch wheels.

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