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Electroplating process for repairing and changing color of automobile aluminum alloy wheels


Everyone knows that electroplated wheels have corrosion resistance, and the mirror-like surface effect looks very shiny, so many car owners want to change the electroplating of their favorite wheels, but there are a lot of advertisements on the Internet, and the electroplating also has spray plating. , Filming, water transfer printing, hydropower, vacuum plating, etc. It's dazzling. I don’t know what kind of credibility and quality is reliable.

Several methods of alloy wheels plating have been introduced to you many times before, and today I will summarize it for you

The adhesion of spraying and filming is not strong, and it is easy to peel off the paint.

Water plating is more polluting and will corrode the wheel hub. So conform to the market, there is very little anymore.

Vacuum plating of aluminum alloy wheels now has a relatively large market share, and vacuum plating is done in accordance with the original factory standard process, with strong adhesion, so there will be no peeling and paint removal. The last step of the hub electroplating process is to do a salt spray test. This step is to see the degree of corrosion resistance of the hub. With this procedure, the hub is more resistant to corrosion after vacuum electroplating.

The above is a brief review of the differences in several methods of wheel plating. I believe that everyone will basically choose vacuum plating after reading it. Next, Zhiqi wheel hub repair will analyze the process flow of vacuum plating of wheel hub in detail.

Generally, the damage of the wheel hub is that the speed of passing the pit is too fast, which leads to the deformation of the wheel, the surface damage and corrosion of the road teeth. The main stress point of the wheel hub is the spokes, as long as the spokes are not bent or deformed, it will not affect the safe use. Rim deformation can be corrected.

Plastic inspection:

Every wheel hub must be inspected for deformation when entering the factory. The deformed wheel hub is rectified by professional plastic equipment, so that the up and down jump, left and right swing values ​​are within the standard range.

Sandblasting and paint removal:

In order to ensure the original quality of the wheels, the corroded wheels must be sandblasted and painted.

Gap welding:

The traditional wheel hub gap repair is to scrape putty, using aluminum alloy fusion welding technology to repair the surface gap of the wheel hub to ensure the integrity of the wheel hub.


After notch fusion welding, the convex part is polished and polished to reduce concentrated stress. In order to achieve the flatness of the subsequent sprayed surface and the degree of bonding between the coating and the material.

Ultrasonic cleaning:

In order to ensure product quality, the original wheel hub cleaning process is adopted: the ultrasonic bath water temperature is heated to about 50 degrees for pre-degreasing and main degreasing oily treatment; because the aluminum alloy is easily oxidized, passivation treatment is carried out after rinsing with water to prevent oxidation of the wheel surface; Deionized water direct spray cleaning and drying.

Electrostatic powder coating:

Powder spraying is the use of powder spraying equipment to spray powder coating on the surface of the wheel hub. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly absorbed on the surface of the wheel hub to form a powder coating; the powder coating is baked and leveled at high temperature to form a coating; The effect of powder spraying is better than spray paint in terms of strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

Wheel technology:

According to the current market, the surface technology of the wheel hub is generally divided into: paint, CNC drawing, polishing, electroplating, high-bright silver and other processes (drawing lens)

Quality inspection before painting:

Carry out quality inspection on the inside and outside of the wheel to ensure that each wheel is flawless.

Paint spraying

Paint spraying according to the customer's customized color to ensure that the inner and outer paint is evenly balanced. Enter the tunnel furnace for high-temperature baking. According to the surface technology of the owner's wheel hub, CNC wire drawing or polishing and electroplating are carried out.

Spray protective varnish

After spraying high-temperature transparent paint, enter the 160° baking tunnel and bake for 1 hour. Increased the fullness, hardness, toughness of the wheel paint film and the corrosion resistance and scratch resistance of the wheel surface.

100 grid test:

The Baige test is to ensure that the wheel adhesion meets industry standards.

Salt spray test and film thickness test:Salt spray test to ensure the corrosion resistance of the wheel; film thickness test to ensure that each wheel is flawless

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