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Car aluminum wheels are full of scars? One way to make it as new as ever


     With the continuous development of social economy, my country's car ownership is also increasing year by year. Many “car owners” only realize that “buying a car is easier to keep a car is difficult” after buying their own car, sincerely does not deceive me: a car not only spends a lot of money on parking and refueling after buying a car, but also Maintenance and maintenance are required from time to time. In the process of daily maintenance of the car, we often overlook one part, that is the aluminum alloy wheel of the car. If you don’t believe you can take it apart and see if it is full of scars before you know it. ? Today, the editor will teach you how to refurbish it yourself. It's very simple, even a novice can learn it.

First of all, we must prepare tools for refurbishing aluminum alloy wheels. They are: 80 mesh sandpaper, 400 mesh sandpaper, a watering can filled with water, WD-40 parts cleaning agent, WD-40 grease remover, aluminum alloy wheel brushes, Towels, scouring pads, alcohol, aluminum alloy wheels, plastic scrapers, self-spray primer, self-spray varnish, self-spray color paint, and a deck of playing cards. After preparing the above tools, we can start the refurbishment of automotive aluminum alloy wheels.

In the first step, we need to remove the entire aluminum alloy wheel from the car and clean it thoroughly. In this process, we can cooperate with a scouring pad to clean the oil on the aluminum alloy wheel with an oil remover, and then use the parts to clean The agent removes the brake dust residue on the aluminum alloy wheel. After cleaning, the aluminum alloy wheel will show its original color.

In the second step, you need to use 80-grit sandpaper to polish the scars on the aluminum alloy wheels of the automobile. Pay special attention not to polish the scars, but to remove the burrs around the scars for easy repair. After polishing, use towels and alcohol to clean the aluminum alloy wheels and dry them.

In the third step, we can squeeze the aluminum alloy wheel with soil on the plastic scraper and slowly smooth out the polished aluminum alloy wheel scratches until the entire aluminum alloy wheel is coated. After the soil is naturally dried, use 400 grit sandpaper Use a watering can to polish all the soil on the surface of the aluminum alloy wheel, and then clean and dry the aluminum alloy wheel again.

In the fourth step, we need to repaint the aluminum alloy wheels. At this time, we need to use the playing card tool. First, insert the playing cards into the gap between the aluminum alloy wheel and the tire, and then insert the tire valve. Wrap it with tape, try to ensure that the tires and valve parts will not be contaminated when painting the aluminum alloy wheels. Next, use primer, color paint, and varnish to spray the aluminum alloy wheel in sequence. It should be noted that each spray paint needs to be sprayed evenly in three layers, with an interval of 10 minutes between each layer to ensure that the spray paint is completely dry. Finally, we need to insert The playing cards between the aluminum alloy wheel and the tire and the adhesive tape wrapped around the tire valve are torn off, so that a brand new aluminum alloy wheel appears in front of us.

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