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Talking about car maintenance knowledge


     Why should the car be maintained? Because maintenance can prolong the service life of the car and improve the safety performance, it saves money and eliminates many troubles of car repair.

   Wheel repair experts said that in the car maintenance process, we should pay attention to the following maintenance common sense:  

   1. Oil replacement

   The engine oil of a car is not time-consuming and does not need to be replaced. The engine oil should be changed at an appropriate time. The engine oil replacement is also an important part of car maintenance.

   Then, how often should the engine oil be changed? How much oil should be changed each time? These issues are of more concern to everyone.

    Wheel repair experts said that the oil replacement cycle should be about 5000 kilometers, that is to say, whenever the car mileage is a multiple of 5000 kilometers, it is time for the owner to change the oil. In addition, the specific replacement cycle and dosage should be judged based on the relevant information of the vehicle model, and the amount of dosage cannot be determined arbitrarily. It is more suitable to go to a professional repair shop for testing.
   2. Transmission oil

   In order to ensure the steering flexibility of the car, always check the transmission oil, whether it is gear oil or automatic transmission oil, pay attention to the type of oil.

   3. the use of antifreeze

   Antifreeze is best used throughout the year. In addition to the antifreeze cooling function, the antifreeze also has the functions of cleaning, rust removal, and corrosion protection, reducing the corrosion of the water tank and protecting the engine. Note that the color of the antifreeze should be selected correctly and not mixed.

   4. brake fluid use

   The function of the brake system is closely related to the brake fluid. When checking and replacing the brake pads, brake discs and other hardware, don’t forget to see if the brake fluid needs to be added or replaced.

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