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How to choose the winter tires of your car in winter?


     There are many types of tires used in cars, including four-season tires, summer tires, and winter tires. Each has different characteristics. There are many things to pay attention to in summer, so winter is no exception. How to make the car ride in winter and ensure safe driving , You need to choose the right tires, and the same aluminum alloy wheels must also match the tires. Therefore, the wheel shaping experts hope that everyone can learn about winter tires in detail and choose the right "winter boots" for your car.

     ● Winter tires should be replaced below -7℃

     In the weather below minus seven degrees, it is best to replace the car with winter tires. The standard tires of the car are all-season tires, which can be called all-weather. The wheel shaping staff introduced the performance of winter tires and summer tires. Under the environment, it seems to be featureless and the qualifications are mediocre. Especially in low temperature conditions, the grip of the four-season tires will be weakened.

     ● Winter tire performance characteristics

     The material of winter tires is relatively soft, and the tread pattern and groove will be wider and deeper, which can provide good grip and slip resistance on icy and snowy roads, and ensure the adhesion of the car on the road under low temperature. On icy and snowy roads, winter tires Compared with other tires when braking, the braking distance is significantly shorter and there is no slipping.

     Winter tires will use special rubber formulas, such as silicon-containing tires. Silicon-containing formula tires have good performance in wet grip and driving force, and they are also fuel-saving and energy-saving. In the tread design, you can choose a deeper tread to improve Snow driving adhesion.

     ● Tips for changing tires in winter

     When replacing the tires, you must not replace four tires at the same time, because partial replacement will cause uneven adhesion between the wheels and the ground, causing potential hazards.

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