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Why are the wheel sizes of low end cars smaller and the wheels of high end cars larger?


     Low-end cars are generally small in size, and the ground clearance does not need to be too high. If the wheel hub is large, the tire size must be large. Large tires require stronger power to drive, increase the contact area with the ground, and fuel consumption will increase significantly.

Why are the wheel sizes of low end cars smaller and the wheels of high end cars larger?

Why don't low-end cars provide more size options? Or consider it from the perspective of the seller. If low-end cars provide more size options, it will increase procurement costs. Second, it will increase car prices and reduce its competitiveness. Third, there is still very little demand from low-end car customers. If you need to change wheels or tires, users can now modify them by themselves, which is very convenient. The mass-produced car is a large-scale industrial manufacturing, and the components pursue high versatility. Generally, luxury cars with large profit margins provide more personalized customization.

Wheels and tires determine part of the car's performance, including driving performance, handling and safety. The wide tires have a larger ground contact area, so they have better grip, so that the vehicle obtains better driving stability, and at the same time helps to shorten the braking distance. The disadvantage is that it affects acceleration and increases fuel consumption. From the perspective of the development history of automobiles, the size of wheels and tires has a tendency to increase. For example, the old Buick Regal is 215/70 R15, and the new Regal focuses on 225/55 R17 and 245/45 R18. More than ten years ago, medium-sized cars and even luxury cars generally used 15 inch and 16 inch tires (such as the seventh-generation Accord and Audi A6). Today, mainstream compact family cars generally use 16 inch wheels. In addition, in terms of appearance, larger wheels and low aspect ratio tires look more beautiful.

The wider the tires, the greater the grip provided on the same road surface, the less prone to skidding during acceleration and braking, but it has a certain impact on fuel economy, especially the flatness ratio is almost only one disadvantage, and the cost remains high. Said it is fuel consumption (for the car owners who can afford it). The smaller the aspect ratio of the tire, the relatively greater the cornering stiffness of the tire, and the smaller the cornering angle of the tire during steering, which effectively improves the steering sensitivity of the vehicle and at the same time makes the vehicle more sensitive to road changes, which is beneficial to the driver Perceive the road surface and improve the "road sense" of the vehicle.

Large size wheels and wide tires are also favorites of modification enthusiasts. Cool weapon, chrome plating will make the appearance of the wheels more beautiful. Small flat tires are for people with specific needs. Basically, luxury cars will be modified into large wheels and small flat tires.

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