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Two color coating technology for aluminum alloy wheels


   There are many types of safety accessories for automobiles. Among them, aluminum alloy wheels include all safety accessories. This kind of wheels has a double advantage, which can not only prevent corrosion but also play a decorative role, so it is widely used for surface treatment of accessories. However, with the continuous development of the economy, the market has higher and higher requirements for car quality. At present, the technology of aluminum alloy wheels has gradually emerged and cannot meet the market demand. On the basis of powder coating, a two-color coating process has appeared, and the performance has been more optimized. . Based on this, this article will briefly discuss the two-color coating technology of aluminum alloy wheels.

   The wheel hub is one of the main parts in the car, and its important function is to support the tire and play a role in ensuring the operation of the car. The advantages of aluminum alloy wheels are very obvious, such as faster heat dissipation and higher precision, lighter weight, and can effectively reduce fuel consumption.
   In addition, the aluminum alloy wheels are extremely adaptable, and can play a very good shock absorption and cushioning effect no matter what the environment. The application of two-color coating technology in it can effectively improve the performance of the aluminum alloy wheel, making it obvious in terms of corrosion resistance and resistance. 1 Overview of aluminum alloy wheel coating The wheel is an important part of the car structure. The common one is the aluminum alloy wheel, which plays a very important role in ensuring the normal driving of the car, but it will also encounter many problems and failures during use, so The wheel hub must be painted

1. Coating is the last link in the wheel production process, which plays a very important role in the stability of the wheel product. Therefore, it not only requires high technical level, but also ensures the cleanliness and stability of the coating environment. If the coating quality is high, it can not only ensure that the wheel can reach the expected service life, but also make the appearance of the wheel more perfect and effectively prevent the phenomenon of rust. The coating technology of aluminum alloy wheels involves multiple interdisciplinary disciplines. Therefore, the coating personnel must ensure that their professional level is excellent, and they must also have proficient coating experience, and apply theoretical knowledge to the actual production process. It can effectively guarantee the coating quality of the wheel hub. In addition, before the painting operation, it is also guaranteed to understand the actual needs of the car owner and the previous use status of the wheel, make a comprehensive analysis of its defects, and then paint on the basis of the analysis results to prevent repeated painting. . In addition, it is necessary to work out a suitable coating plan to ensure the results of a single coating and control the pass rate of the coating at the delivery level. 2 The characteristics of the two-color painting process The wheel hub is a very important kind of auto parts. It has an important load-bearing function. Therefore, it plays a very important role in the safety between the car body. In addition, it can also play a decorative role, making the car's The individuality is highlighted and looks more beautiful. With the continuous development of the automotive industry and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, society’s requirements for automotive wheels have also increased. Therefore, in recent years, wheels have gradually developed extensions. On the basis of satisfying the original functions, they must also meet the aesthetics. Requires corrosion resistance unique to automotive parts. Therefore, matching treatment on the surface of aluminum alloy wheels has gradually become popular. This treatment method mainly includes oxidation path, coating path and electroplating path.

2. The coating path is the most core operation process, which is mainly used in more complicated wheel hub structures. The advantage is that the hardness is greater and the electrical insulation is strong. In addition, another advantage of this coating is its outstanding wear resistance. Therefore, we now usually apply this single electrostatic coating in the production of small batches of two-color coating. The actual work content of this coating process is to set up secondary coatings on various coating surfaces, so that a two-color film can be obtained. The disadvantage of this technology is that it may not only reduce the qualification rate, but also increase the consumption of raw materials. Therefore, we must modify the original coating process and create a two-color coating path on this basis. Two-color coating is mainly composed of powder coating and electrophoretic coating. The advantage of this coating process is that the stability of the wheel hub has been significantly improved, and the aesthetics has also been guaranteed, and the energy consumption has been reduced. The quality and safety level of the vehicle have also been significantly improved. Strongly innovative and competitive methods.

3. Two-color painting program. In two-color painting, due to technical updates, it is necessary to update the equipment related to the wheel hub. Now the two-color painting process is analyzed.

3.1 For a heat treatment, the hub must first be heat treated to process the original wheel hub. Pay attention to controlling the original remaining amount. These remaining amounts should be replaced in time if the quality level of the original hub is low or black skin appears. The uneven places should be polished, and the subsequent steps will be technically guaranteed after these basic work are done.

3.2 The second step of cleaning the hub is to put the finished aluminum alloy hub in warm water, and then thoroughly clean the hub, so that all the grease and dust remaining in the hub are removed. After that, the water stains on the hub are air-dried, and then the hub is sent to high-temperature treatment to fundamentally ensure that all dust and impurities on the hub are removed.

3.3 After finishing the heat treatment and cleaning, the wheel hub must be finely ground. First, remove all kinds of particles on the surface of the accessories, and also remove the uneven areas on the hub.

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