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Repair method for bubbles on the surface of aluminum alloy wheel


   Everyone knows that aluminum alloy wheels are the most important part of a car, and long-term use will wear them. Among them, air bubbles on the surface of the wheel are one of the problems. Analyze the cause of surface bubbles, prepare to find the root cause, and make corresponding measures.

   The reasons for bubbles appearing on the surface of aluminum alloy wheels are as follows:

   One is the problem of gas porosity under the skin of the rough ingot;

   The second is the problem of graphite agglomeration and falling off of the forging die;

   In order to be able to fundamentally continue to provide relevant scientific basis for the forging and spinning wheel surface bubble problem, the forging and spinning process immediately formulated the forging and spinning die cleaning system and implemented it, from the percentage From a point of view, the reason for the rough ingot accounts for more than 95%, so the focus is on the quality of the rough ingot.

   In order to be able to solve the main attack direction of ingot subcutaneous porosity, the process experiment is carried out. Theoretically, the porosity of aluminum alloy ingot is divided into gas porosity and structure porosity. The former is related to the high hydrogen content of the melt, and the latter is related to The crystallization conditions are related, so to solve the ingot porosity, we must first reduce the hydrogen content of the melt and improve the casting crystallization conditions.

   Based on the above, I know what is the cause of the bubbles on the surface of the forged aluminum alloy wheel, and at the same time I have found a solution. I hope that all relevant personnel in the automobile maintenance industry will be familiar with it.

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