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What are the advantages and disadvantages of large aluminum alloy wheels and small aluminum alloy wheels


    The advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy wheels are more appropriate than the advantages and disadvantages of tires. Because aluminum alloy wheels are only good-looking, but the beauty of aluminum alloy wheels is also related to the pattern of aluminum alloy wheels, and some aluminum alloy wheels cannot be installed in general tire shops, let alone repair shops. Simply put, the bigger the more stable but the more fuel and money consumption, the smaller the fuel and money.

1. First of all, we think from the main road conditions of driving

1. The roads usually open are mainly urban and smooth asphalt roads. You can choose any of these road conditions, depending on your preferences such as the configuration and price of the car. Because such road conditions are easy to walk, it is normal not to drive in extremes, a pair of tires can travel 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers, and it can take about 4-5 years to go to get off work. The large aluminum alloy wheels and tires, unless you are racing, otherwise you will not experience the pleasure of driving fast and smoothly. But from an economic point of view, the superiority of small aluminum alloy wheels and tires is obvious, save money and fuel, right? The comfort of the second largest aluminum alloy wheel tires is relatively not so good, in the same brand pattern. Small contact area is small, which can save fuel, which means saving money. If the aluminum alloy wheels are broken, replace them with new ones. Small ones are cheap, and so are the tires, except for some special specifications.

2. Frequent commuting to and from the highway. For such a driver, the pleasure of the big aluminum alloy wheel tires is obvious. Of course, the tire pattern brand is the right choice. For example, a symmetrical pattern, what is a symmetrical pattern, it is very simple that the patterns on the left and right sides of a tire are not the same. Because of this pattern, the inner side is normally considered for quietness, and the outer side is for wear resistance, which reverses the grip of the tire. Maneuverability will also be compromised.

But for ultra-flat tires, if you encounter speed bumps or potholes, it is easy to pick up. There are several types of tire packages. Some tires have quality problems, some sidewall cords are broken, and some tires have poor high temperature and heat resistance.

3. Road conditions in small counties and rural areas. In this way, the road conditions are so small that there are many small bends, and the general tires are selected for wear-resistant, and many large aluminum alloy wheel tires do not have very wear-resistant patterns. The road conditions often encounter potholes and bumps, and the speed is faster and easier to pick up. The tires on the road have blown out, and the large-size tires in small places are not in stock. Sending them to the city for adjustment is not only troublesome but also time-consuming. It is inconvenient to disassemble tires in some small places.

2. Thinking from the vehicle level. Generally, the tires and aluminum alloy wheels of intermediate cars and above are not small, and they are sufficient for normal use. Unless driving fast and not bad for money, you can choose flatter aluminum alloy wheels and tires.

3. Considering the safety and convenience of daily life, it is recommended to choose more general tire models and aluminum alloy wheels, but for many people who are not engaged in this industry, they don't know, in fact, this is easy to handle. Go to your local store selling tires to find out which model has more pattern brands, and this model is universal. Tire shops can go to a few more professional tire shops or above the medium level, this kind of reference is relatively strong.

Many cars use large aluminum alloy wheels for high-end vehicles. In terms of tire outer diameter, there is not much difference between thin tires with large aluminum alloy wheels and thick tires with small aluminum alloy wheels. However, the characteristics of the two types of wheels are still different. The thin tires have great advantages in lateral stability, but the disadvantages are small buffer space and poor shock absorption. Encountering stones or obstacles higher than the tire thickness may damage the aluminum alloy wheels. The advantages of thick tires are large buffer space and good shock absorption. The disadvantage is that the lateral cross shape is large during high turns. Therefore, which type of wheel to choose depends on the use environment, and do not blindly pursue a large hub and a thin tire. Simply put, the large hub and thin tires are suitable for frequent driving on roads with good road conditions and high-speed working conditions. Thick tires with small hubs are suitable for relatively poor road conditions and less high-speed driving opportunities.

Large aluminum alloy wheels are definitely better than small aluminum alloy wheels in terms of appearance and visual effects, so large aluminum alloy wheels will bring a lower aspect ratio, and small aspect ratio tires will help improve the vehicle's handling and side Inclined support.

When buying a car, many high-end models will be equipped with large-size aluminum alloy wheels, so the electronic equipment of the whole vehicle is unified. In order to cater to the different appearance design of high and low configurations, their tire outer diameters are all equal, 245/ The outer circumferences of 45R18 and 215/60R16 are very similar, but the 18 inch wheels are much more beautiful. The large aluminum alloy wheels are firstly beautiful and beautiful, and secondly, the vehicle has better handling, lowered corners, and road feel feedback. well! The disadvantage is that the flatness ratio is too low and there is no comfort, and it is easy to cause tire bulge in daily driving. Small-sized aluminum alloy wheels can be equipped with larger flat tires to improve the comfort performance and riding experience of the vehicle. The disadvantage is that the road feel is not good and there is no control at all.

When buying a car, we should take into account both comfort and driving experience. It is best to choose flat tires of around 55. For flat tires, we should choose run-flat tires, which can greatly reduce the chance of tire bulging and flat tires.

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