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Why do your auto wheels turn black?


     When the new car first arrived, the aluminum alloy wheels were all "excited", bright and refreshing. But after driving for a while, you may find that the wheels are slowly turning black, and the blackness of the front wheels is much greater than that of the rear wheels. Why is this?

Why do your auto wheels turn black?

The black substance on the hub is actually toner. Whenever the car brakes, the brake will clamp the brake caliper, which will settle down due to the constant friction between the two over time. It should only cover the surface lightly, but because the wheels are not cleaned and maintained frequently, and the wheels will heat up during the daily operation of the car, these toners will slowly coke on the surface of the wheels. Over time, more and more coking will become extremely hard, and water will not wash away.

Then why the blackening of the front wheels is always more serious than the rear wheels?
In fact, it is very simple. Every time you brake, most of the weight of the car is pressed on the front wheels due to the inertial center of gravity of the car. The burden on the brakes and calipers increases, and the wear is naturally more serious than the rear wheel hub.

So how to clean up these annoying dirt?
First of all, preventing trouble before it happens is always the best way. After the new wheel hub is used, it is necessary to clean and flush the wheel regularly. Don't ignore this point if it is not dirty. If black dirt has appeared and you want to clean it up quickly at home, there are many cleaning agents to choose from. Professional wheel cleaners can clean the wheels without worrying about harming them.
It is recommended that you must carefully maintain the wheel hub in your daily life, and deal with it if you find a slight dirt. You can choose a soft sponge brush to clean the surface after dampening it. When the dirt is serious, choose the appropriate detergent to clean. In the process, pay attention to protect the wheel hub to avoid being damaged by strong corrosive cleaning agents.

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