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No matter how Rolls-Royce runs, the double R mark of aluminum alloy wheels is always upright


     Now there are endless cars on the market, and all kinds of luxury cars are even more dazzling. Rolls Royce is one of them. It has a cool appearance and super configuration, which has been liked by many people. , Then why does Rolls-Royce always stand upright when the alloy wheels have double R marks no matter how they run? Let us take a look at it below.

double R mark of aluminum alloy wheels is always upright


   For the design of a car, the designer needs to spend a lot of energy and time to complete, this is also for the sports car to be better than ordinary cars in terms of appearance and interior, so every detail reflects the excellence. What makes Rolls Royce confusing is the double R mark on the wheel.

Because it is motionless under any circumstances and will not be affected by external factors at all. In fact, this situation occurs because a bearing is added to the wheel mark, that is to say, the double R mark Similar to the principle of a tumbler, this allows it to appear motionless.

Many people find it very interesting after learning this principle. I didn’t expect the designer to be so careful about the design of the car. I think that it is this kind of mentality that makes this luxury car so popular. Like it.
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