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The spray booth can be a water spin spray booth or a water curtain spray booth. The two structures have their own characteristics. The following takes the topcoat spraying station as an example to introduce the performance characteristics and plane layout of the two structural spray booths:

   water spin spray booth, performance characteristics: good paint mist purification effect, high power consumption in the production of raccoon, high manufacturing cost and high maintenance cost.

   water curtain spray booth. Performance characteristics: general paint mist purification, low power consumption in the production process, low manufacturing cost and low maintenance cost.

  The quality of spraying equipment also has a greater impact on the spraying effect. There are mainly two types of spraying equipment commonly used by aluminum alloy wheel manufacturers in my country, one is air spray gun. The other is electrostatic air spray gun, which is in the selection process. Fu wants the actual situation of producing cyclotan. Electrostatic air spray guns are widely used in the deep spraying process of Lunyi Enterprise, which has good application effects. It can improve the utilization rate of paint and other materials. When choosing spraying tools, the structure and characteristics of the hub must also be combined. To ensure the quality of painting, painting robots mostly use electrostatic painting, which has a relatively high working efficiency. Therefore, the scope of application is relatively wide.

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