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Should 12-inch wheels be changed to 13-inch wheels or 14-inch wheels?


The original car’s 12 inch wheels were unable to complain about the main slot point, so I bought the 14 inch wheels Wanda 155/50R14 flat tire as soon as I bought the car. First tell the family why I chose 14-inch instead of 13-inch. Report to the family the measured driving experience after changing the wheels and tires.

    In fact, there is a debate about changing the 13-inch and 14-inch wheels. Personally think that it is suitable to change the 14-inch wheels plus 155/50R14 flat tires and add the tire diameter of the original car. For vehicle stability, follow the original car design and the speedometer is also more accurate. 13-inch wheels 155/65R13 have also been changed. The average speed error is compared with the tire diameter. .
    Some riders also asked if they could fit 165 tires. In fact, 155 is 1 cm wider than the original car 145. 165 is not necessary and may hit the inner lining before finding a suitable 165R14 tire.

12-inch wheels be changed to 13-inch wheels or 14-inch wheels

    After a lot of tossing, the basic modification is finally completed. It is mainly from the handling and comfort. The two families are most concerned about the modification experience. Talk about the actual evaluation of the car in the past few days.
    After the modification, it is most obvious that the start is not as aggressive as before. When the original car board is powered on, the front of the car looks up and feels a little bit cotton after the foot is changed, but it is fast to enter the state. The speed immediately lifts it and does not affect the speed and push back feeling.
    The brakes of the original car are more sensitive and on call. After the modification, the brakes are a little harder than before. Girls will feel that the brakes are obviously heavier than the original. Personally, the brake feel is more linear than the original. The braking distance is basically affected.
    To be honest, it turns out that the direction is a little irritating. After changing to 14 inches, it feels like the direction is stable. It is a bit easy to run away. Before changing, throw away the steering wheel and go straight. Knowing that the family said that the tires after the modification are serious and the reason is that the car needs to be wheeled. Do you know how to do it? Hope someone will give me some advice.
    I have said that people have argued whether to change the 13-inch or the 14-inch. The riders are worried that the road feel after the 14-inch flat tire is significantly worse. I think the road feels that the road after the 14-inch road is changed to the 14-inch road. The difference is almost negligible. Only to remind you that when you have changed the 14-inch wheels, when you pass the speed bump, it is really better than before... almost feels like jumping over.
    Fuel consumption and electricity consumption After changing the inch tires, the air-conditioning is often turned on. The standard mode in the urban area is measured. 50% of the electric running is 102 kilometers. According to this calculation, the cruising range is 200 kilometers and the manufacturer's standard is 250 kilometers and 50 kilometers. This is also expected. 250 km mileage

   I almost forgot to say that after changing the feet, the direction will change because of the increase in tire width. The key points can clearly feel that the driving direction is not as light and flat tires as the original car.

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