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Volkswagen new Passat 18 inch wheels parameters


Size (18 inch wheels)

Don't blindly expand the hub. Some people add wheels to improve car performance. In the case of a constant tire outer diameter, the big wheel hub must match the wide flat tire. The lateral swing of the car is small and the stability is improved. When turning, it is like a dragonfly. However, the flatter the tire, the thinner its thickness, the worse its shock absorption performance, and the greater the sacrifice in comfort. In addition, there are some roadblocks, such as stones, and tires are easily damaged. Therefore, the cost of blindly increasing the hub cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, it is most appropriate to increase one or two numbers according to the size of the original wheel hub.

Volkswagen new Passat 18 inch wheels parameters

Three distances

This means that when choosing, you can't choose the shape you like at will, but you must also listen to the suggestions of the technicians and consider whether these three distances are appropriate.


The complex and dense wheels are really beautiful and classic, but it is easy to be rejected or overcharged when washing the car, because washing the car is too troublesome. The simple wheels are dynamic and neat. Of course, if you are not afraid of trouble, that's fine. Compared with the cast iron wheels in the past, the popular aluminum alloy wheels have greatly improved the degree of resistance to deformation, greatly reduced the weight, reduced the power loss, run faster, saved fuel, and have good heat dissipation. They are deeply loved by the majority of car owners.

General Comment: PASSAT is a medium-sized car designed by Volkswagen in Germany. It is classified as a B-class car in the Volkswagen pedigree. Passat was born in 1973. For more than 40 years, Volkswagen Passat sedan has swept the global automobile market with its high standards of safety, classic design, and top quality.

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