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Comparison of iron wheels and aluminum alloy wheels


1. Comparison of iron wheels and aluminum alloy wheels

1. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of materials
Compared with ordinary wheels, iron wheels have better toughness and poor hardness, while aluminum wheels are the opposite, with good hardness but poor toughness. Due to the manufacturing material and craftsmanship,
Iron wheels have poor stability at high speeds, but aluminum alloy wheels have good stability at high speeds, and aluminum alloy wheels have better acceleration and heat dissipation properties.
So we will find that after the potholes on the road are ravaged, the iron ring has not changed in appearance, but it will start to occur when the speed is close to 100 miles
The jitter is mainly because it is made by stamping and the mass weight is uneven, so it will inevitably cause rotation after the speed is up. The aluminum alloy ring will not appear like this
Because the aluminum alloy ring is formed by casting, it is necessary to detect the internal voids and the external turning of the blank. The contour and mass counterweight are more accurate and average, and the aluminum
The weight of the rim is relatively light, and it can be made thicker than the iron rim, which also greatly improves the acceleration performance of the car. In addition, the heat dissipation capacity of the aluminum ring is better than that of iron fist.
It will also add points to braking performance.

2. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of actual use
Although the overall performance of aluminum alloy wheels is better than iron wheels, after all, its cost is relatively high. It also costs thousands of yuan to change a set of general aluminum alloy wheels. At the same time
The later maintenance of gold wheels is also more troublesome than iron wheels. For example, if you can’t worry about driving, it is easy to bump the aluminum alloy wheel, get on the road, rub the isolation belt, isolation pier, etc.
It is easy to damage the aluminum alloy wheels. And once the aluminum alloy wheel is damaged, it can only be replaced, and the original appearance and repair cannot be restored.
Iron wheels are equipped with plastic wheel covers. There are many beautiful wheel covers on the market. If matched properly, they can also achieve the same effect as aluminum alloy wheels.
fruit. Appearance is no better than aluminum alloy wheels. And the cost of modification is very low.

Second, the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels

1. Fuel saving: after measuring that each aluminum ring can be 2 kg lighter than the iron ring, then a car can be at least 8 kg lighter. According to Japanese experiments, the weight of a 5-seater car is reduced by 1
kg, approximately or save 20l gasoline a year. A research report published by the American Society of Automotive Engineers pointed out that although aluminum alloy wheels are more expensive than ordinary steel wheels, each car runs to 2
At 10,000 km, the fuel savings will be enough to cover the cost.

2. Increase engine life: According to the engine load and power graph, when the load increases to a certain level, its power will decrease. This margin will indicate this time
For every unit load, the engine will be more difficult (especially fuel consumption), the engine load is reduced, naturally reducing failures and prolonging the life. 

3. Good heat dissipation: the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is 3 times that of steel. The heat dissipation effect is good, and it can keep the tires at an appropriate temperature during long-distance high-speed driving.
Drums and tires are not easy to age, increase the life span and reduce the chance of puncture.

4. Good roundness: the accuracy is up to 0.05mm, and the running balance is good, which is beneficial to eliminate the general overlength of the car body and steering wheel jitter.

5. Rugged and durable: the impact resistance, tensile strength and heat resistance of aluminum alloy wheels are higher than steel wheels. This is also the role of aluminum alloy in the defense industry and aviation industry
One of the reasons for playing an important role.

6. Beautiful: Due to production limitations, general steel wheels are monotonous and rigid and lack changes; aluminum alloy wheels have various designs, plus gloss and color effects
Good, thereby improving the value and beauty of the car.

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