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The shortcomings of big wheels are too much?


Don't be obsessed with large-size wheels. Can you accept the disadvantages of large-size wheels? For household wheels, 17 inch wheels are enough!

High-end cars always look more beautiful than low-end cars, and the wheels are the key to the appearance of the tires. Many young people always like large-size wheels, such as 18 inch wheels, 19-inch wheels or even 20-inch wheels. They think that large wheels are atmospheric and sporty. Some people even modify the wheels and replace them with larger sizes. Forged wheels, but old drivers who pursue practicality often prefer small-size wheels. 17-inch wheels are more suitable. So, should I choose large wheels or small wheels when buying a car?

Although the big wheel hub is beautiful and atmospheric, in addition, the larger the wheel hub will often increase the tire width and improve the grip. In addition, the rest of the big wheel hub is almost all shortcomings.

1. Reduced comfort

First, let's talk about some indicators of tires. Take 225 50 R16 as an example. 225 refers to the width of the tire cross section, 50 is the aspect ratio of the tire, and 16 refers to the diameter of the wheel hub.

Generally speaking, the outer diameter of the entire tire is not allowed to change significantly for the same model, otherwise it will cause the speedometer to be inaccurate. If you want to increase the size of the wheel, the flatness of the tire needs to be reduced accordingly. In other words, if you are using 16-inch tires and the flatness ratio is 45, if you change to 18-inch tires, you have to change to a flatness ratio of 40 or even 35. This will cause the tires to be very thin and greatly reduce the comfort. , After a little bump, the vibration in the car will increase significantly. Larger tire width will also bring greater tire noise.

2. Tires are easy to damage

Tires with large wheels and low flatness ratios are more likely to be damaged, especially those who often walk on bad roads and get stuck on the road. Many people’s cars have relatively low flatness ratios. At the beginning, they feel handsome, but after a few months, they will become bulging. In many cases, even a puncture occurs, many people often regret it after changing the big wheel.

3. The price of tires is high

The price of tires with large wheels is often much higher than that of small tires, because the diameter of the tire increases and the width of the tread is also larger. Take the price of a certain Dongshang as an example, it is also a Michelin PS4 tire and a 20-inch tire. The price is as high as 1799 yuan, and the price of the 18-inch is 1099 yuan, which is a full 700 yuan difference.

4. Increased fuel consumption

A larger tire width will bring better grip and handling, but the price is that the friction will also increase. In addition, the larger the wheel hub is heavier, and the weight of the unsprung is reduced by 1KG, which is equivalent to the spring. The upper mass is reduced by 15KG. Generally speaking, for every 1% reduction in the mass of a car, its fuel consumption will be reduced by 0.6% to 1%, so a larger wheel hub will lead to an increase in fuel consumption.

Therefore, don’t look at the handsome and good-looking big wheels, the real life is the good ones, the comfort is better, the tire noise is less, the tires are not easy to bulge, and the price of tire replacement is much lower. Therefore, if you are a family car, you should buy a small one. Wheel models are better.

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