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The principle and casting steps of spinning alloy wheels


The spinning manufacturing process is a combination of low pressure casting and hot spinning forming technology to achieve the goal of "quality close to forged alloy wheels and cost close to cast alloy wheels". As the name suggests, spinning is a branch of casting. It performs casting on the rim part on the basis of casting. Rotary stamping, thereby changing the internal structure of the metal at the rim, so that the internal molecules are arranged in a fibrous shape with a higher density.

Spinning alloy wheel casting steps

      Compared with ordinary casting spinning technology, it has higher mechanical performance. The main performance is: higher strength and higher toughness. In addition, the spinning rim has a thinner section and the overall weight of the rim is also reduced.

      The first step: the blank part preheated by the induction furnace is fixed on a large-scale high-speed spinning equipment, after the blank part is matched with the special inner cylinder mold, the spinning forming starts.

      The second step: the large-scale high-speed spinning equipment starts to rotate at high speed, and the secondary heating equipment is started to keep the spinning rim part at a constant temperature, and at the same time, the high-pressure wheel rotation is started to make it powerfully squeeze under the double pressure of the special mold matched with the special inner cylinder. Press the rim to stretch the rim part of the blank to create a preliminary rim shape.

      The third step: the advantages of tensile strength and yield strength keep high-speed rotation and high temperature protection molecules from being strained, repeated high-pressure rotation to stretch the rim to create a high-strength thin wall of the rim and reach the pre-designed size specifications

      Step 4: Adjust the speed from top to bottom to fine-mold the thin wall of the rim. The whole process of shaping the rim is to improve the crystal structure of the aluminum alloy to be tighter, the molecular structure is more refined and the fiber is present, and the elongation of the material is effectively improved.

Comparison of spinning alloy wheels before and after

      During the spinning process, the double spinning wheel makes the rim of the blank become thinner and longer, and the internal metal structure is changed to improve strength and light weight.

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