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Will drawing aluminum wheels affect safety?


Brushed aluminum wheels will not affect safety, so riders can rest assured. Its impact on the car is mainly to accelerate the oxidation of the wheel hub, and there are black spots, which easily cause dirt to adhere to it, and it is difficult to clean. In addition, the hub drawing is a technique for process modification and repair of the hub, which mainly generates lines on the surface of the hub through various grinding products. After drawing, the wheel hub will become more beautiful and three-dimensional, and the service life of the wheel hub can be appropriately extended.

What should I do if the brushed wheel is worn out?

The general wear and tear of the brushed hub is that there will be scratches on the hub, so if you want to repair it, you can polish the scratches clean by sanding.

1. You can polish the scratches with water and sandpaper first, and then further polish with water. Pay attention when polishing to avoid human damage. If dirt is found during the polishing process, it needs to be cleaned in time and then polished.

2. After polishing, take appropriate amount of putty and apply the putty to the scratches. The thickness of the putty should not exceed 2 mm. After the application is completed, wait a few hours, and then use 1000 water sandpaper for further sanding. During the sanding process, carefully check the unevenness, and then perform a second repair.

3. Finally, the look and feel of the repaired wheel hub is not very good, and it needs to be painted. This will not only improve the appearance of the wheel hub, but also better protect the wheel hub.

4. The thickness of the inner ring of a wheel hub determines the usability and aesthetics of the wheel hub. The thickness of the wheel hub can be thinned by 0.1mm-0.3mm at one time. Although the thickness is compared with the total thickness of the wheel hub, it is a drop in the bucket, but it is too much. , Four times and five times is nothing at all. Even the next eight times of drawing can ensure a safe trip, but a dozen times of drawing, the wheel hub with a thickness of more than three millimeters has been cut off. This is a big burden for a wheel that has to carry the weight of a car.

    Wheel drawing is indeed a good technology, which makes the wheel even a low-end wheel, after drawing it, can become a high-end one. But good things have to learn temperance, otherwise they will become addictive. The same is true for the wheel drawing. Don’t think it’s the pursuit of high-grade, while ignoring the safety of life. Under normal circumstances, there will be no safety problems with wire-drawing aluminum wheels, if too many wire-drawing may bring safety hazards to the car.

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