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It is said that aluminum wheels are not as strong as iron wheels, but tanks also use aluminum wheels?


Do you know what material the tank hub is made of? Why do you say tanks? ——Actually, it has something to do with the hub! - You know that tanks are powerful, but maybe you don't know how much a tank weighs! You won't know how many wheels a tank has, and you won't know what the material of the tank's wheels is!

Tell you! The "weight" of mainstream tanks (main battle tanks) in various countries is basically between 50 and 60 tons, such as the French Leclerc (53 tons), the German Leopard 2A6 (60 tons), the American M1A1 (57 tons), and the Chinese Type 99. (51 tons). - These tanks usually have 12 or 14 road wheels (wheels that carry the weight), and outside the road wheels are the tracks.

Each tank wheel bears more than 4 tons of heavy pressure, and the wheel hub material is aluminum alloy!

What does this mean? ——Meaning: No matter how you calculate it, every wheel of the tank needs to bear more than 4 tons of heavy pressure! ! - Awesome, right? If I tell you that the road wheels of modern tanks are made of aluminum alloy,
Do you find it incredible?

Believe it or not, it is the truth. However, in our impression, the aluminum alloy, which is not as hard as steel, is transformed into a tank road wheel that can withstand such a heavy load? ——In fact, everything stems from a process called "forging"! The so-called "forging" is to heat the metal to the point of boiling, and then apply pressure to press the metal block into a "cake"...


The whole process is just like kneading dough. The pressure of ordinary forging reaches thousands of tons, and the pressure of high-end forging machines even has tens of thousands of tons. Under the abnormal pressure, the aluminum alloy is squeezed very densely, so the strength and hardness are instantly increased by N times!

In fact, this process has been widely used in sword production since ancient times. The craftsmen burned the iron red, and then thumped it with a sledgehammer. After thousands of hardenings, the iron became a sharp sheet... It is nothing more than the modern industrial age, where a thousand-ton/ton hydraulic press replaces manpower. The original thousands of times of beating will be done once.

Wheels are made with the ingenuity of making swords, which is why aluminum alloys can become tank road wheels! The same is true for car wheels! Really high-end wheels are forged! Look at those Optimus Primes in the US and Europe, the wheels are all forged.

Therefore, "steel is stronger than aluminum" or "aluminum is stronger than steel" depends on the craftsmanship! Aluminum alloy can really be stronger than steel after being crushed by 10,000 tons! In today's car modification industry, real old birds all know one truth: forged wheels are the real high-end wheels!

Forged wheels have emerged in China wheels hub industry. Most foundries have been converted into forging factories. Forged wheels have stronger load-bearing capacity, and you can choose your favorite shape in terms of wheel shape.

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