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How does the car wheels perform X -ray detection of China?


With the rapid development of the Chinese economy, China's wheel manufacturers not only provide products and services for Chinese car companies, but also formed strong competition internationally. When things are cheap, it is difficult for customers to choose not to choose you. Today, let's take a look at how to improve product quality with X -ray detection methods for car alloy wheels.

Car Wheel X -ray detector

The car wheel DR image takes the ordinary 16 inch wheel rim as an example. In order to ensure that its quality is uniform, most manufacturers will conduct a full inspection of its wheels, spokes, and rotations. Wheel detection equipment. At present, the detection equipment on the market is as fast as the detection speed. The full -automatic device detection speed is faster. Using large -size dynamic tablet detectors with international first -class X -ray sources, more than ten photos are taken to cover all the positions of the wheels, and the detection is detected. Remove the bad products in time and let the qualified products enter the next process. In addition to fully automatic equipment, some smarter corporate technical personnel will recommend that the company is equipped with semi -automatic or manual detection equipment, so that during the product development stage or the model test stage, the wheel rough parts can be placed in the device for detailed inspection. In order to adjust the molds and processes in time, increase the good product rate of the product, and reduce the waste of materials and energy.

Fully automatic X -ray wheel detection system

For example, multiple production lines of CITIC Daka, the world's top 500 wheel companies in our cooperative company, are equipped with semi -automatic and automatic wheel detection equipment, respectively. In the early stage, semi -automatic X -ray detection equipment, real -time and dynamic low detection, improve the yield of good product with random inspection, and then use a fully automatic X -ray wheel detection system to perform full inspection of the product to allow the qualified products to enter the next process. The quality of each factory hub is very reliable. Such car hubs rotate at high speeds on the highway can us drive the car safer.

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